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Nestie vibes please!

For my brother. He is a heroin addict and has been really struggling. My mom ran into some old friends who have had very similar issues with their son. They found a rehab in Hawaii and it turned their sons life around. It is suprisingly affordable and he must say a minimum of 60 days, but the program is for 6-14months. Rehabs around here cant force you to stay, so this is a better option for him. It also removes him from his awful girlfriend who got him into drugs. It is a mens only rehab and the fact that she is so far away will help. He has completely agreed to go and the rehab was able to have all of his criminal charges made so that every day he is in rehab would be a day off his jail time. I dont know the technicalities of it all, but I know that has to be a huge plus for him.

The only trick is actually getting him there. Please send your nestie vibes so that he actually shows up and gets on the plane this weekend and goes. I think it would kill my mom if he didnt, she has gone through so much to try and help him. We are so close, so close.


Re: Nestie vibes please!

  • What a rough thing to go thru. Kudos to you and your family for sticking by him and trying to get him the help he needs. Sounds like this would be a great place for him to be to get that help. Sending good vibes your way!!
  • :::hugs::: my thoughts are prayers are with you and your family!
  • Positive vibes coming your way.  My grandparents went through something similar with my uncle many years ago.  He didn't come around for many years because he was ashamed because of what he was doing and had done.  It was a rough time.  It will take time for things to turn around. 

    I think completely removing him from the whole situation and place where he is now is a great idea.  

    About 10 years ago my uncle became sober.  He and my grandma celebrated their "rebirthday's" around the same time every year.  She had open heart surgery that was pretty rough and he decided to become sober, once and for all.  I also remember him saying what a relief it was to take a drug test at work and know that he had nothing to worry about.  

    I wish you and your family the best as well as patience.  Good luck! 

  • Sending lots of good vibes your way Diz! I hope everything works out
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  • ::hugs to you & your family:::

    I also have a brother that was a heroin addict, so I know first hand the heartbreak that this causes.  I think getting away from everyone & everything that is currently influencing him will be a huge step in the right direction.  I wish for nothing but the best for him & your family. 

  • Diz, big hugs to you and your whole family, I wish the best to you and I will say a little prayer for your brother.

  • What a tough thing to go through, for everyone involved. I'm glad to hear he's getting some help though and is moving in the right direction. I'll be sending good vibes!!
  • Hope everything works out.
  • Thanks for all the support ladies. Its definitely not an easy thing to deal with.

    It looks like he will have a layover in Seattle so I will be babysitting him for a few hours to make sure he makes his connecting flight. I havent seen him in 6 months.

    I hope that he sees how much we are all doing to help him.

  • What a wonderful way to start the new year... with his new life.  Sending many vibes!
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  • Sending good vibes your brother's way.  I really hope he makes it onto the plane!
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  • sounds like this could really help him out! hope it goes well.
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  • good vibes...hope he makes the flight...i'll send good aloha vibes once he gets here :)  what island is it on?
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