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New Year's Eve Alone. How Did That Happen?

So, about an hour ago MIL called crying telling DH how she can't bear to have a "whole holiday season" without him and how she couldn't believe he wasn't coming to the family NYE party. ?What? ?First we've heard of a party. ?DH calls his brother and indeed there is some sort of gathering planned at a local pub. ?Oh, and MIL is soooo sad DH won't be there. ?Fast forward to ten minutes ago and DH walks out the door to catch the last train down to MIL's. ?


How did that happen?!

If I knew that tears worked so effectively I would have stocked up on onions at the market today! ??

Re: New Year's Eve Alone. How Did That Happen?

  • I am so sorry :( That sucks! Can you curl up with a good book or dvd?
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  • Definitely! ?I have a stack of magazines from the States to read and DH's season 4 of Entourage on DVD. ?Too bad he won't get to view it before I tell him all about what happens. ?;)
  • Ooh, if we were in Ireland Finn and I would come hang out with you and keep you company! I love Entourage!
    DS 02.10.2008 * DD 04.05.2011

  • Oh man, don't tease me. ?That would be so great!! ?:)
  • I am sorry that you are all alone and that you MIL had to be so mean. If it helps, DH and I are together, but both sick with the flu. DH, J and I are all battling fevers and to breathe! Not our best NYE.
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  • Oh no! ?I hope you all feel better soon!!!
  • Wow, I would be pissed. Because with your DH at the pub or not, your MIL wouldn't be alone. But you get to spend the NYE alone.

    Why couldn't you join them too?

  • I would make a point to ask why you weren't invited prior to the evening but more importantly I don't understand why he went and you didn't?
  • You still have time - why dont you pop in the car and off to the pub with you? 
  • MrsS - That's what I want to know to! ?How come the first we heard of this involved tears?

    I didn't go because (a) we don't have a car and the train was leaving in 30 minutes so while DH was ready to go I was not ready to turn up to a "party" ?following a 3 hour train ride, (b) I'm still a little jet-lagged and don't want to sleep on a cot as I know I'd have to do down at the IL's, (c) I don't feel like making the same 3 hour ride back tomorrow and (d) I was pissed off. ? Yeah, (d) was probably the overriding reason!

  • Oops, sorry, it was Christit493 who mentioned asking about a prior invitation - that's what I wanted to know about also! ?
  • When your DH gets his balls out of his Mom's vicegrip I think he best be sleeping on the couch.... 
    ?Transatlantic Blonde?
    it's called a kilt, he's scottish
  • I'm sorry!  Nothing like a mothers guilt, eh?

    Maybe you guys could have a romantic re-do tomorrow night? x

  • That stinks.  I would be really pissed if DH left like that.
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    After 3 years living abroad, we are back in NOVA.
  • oh man sorry to hear she usually like this or is this hopefully not the norm?? 
  • image Melaina25:
    When your DH gets his balls out of?his Mom's?vicegrip I think he best be sleeping on the couch....?


    It took my DH a while but he's his own man now.

  • Dubliner - In fairness, nothing like this has ever happened before, so it does make me think that there might be something more going on that I just wasn't interesting in finding out about last night. ?Usually the IL's are more than respectful of our space, and DH has never had a problem saying no to them or anyone else, so with the calm that comes after 12 hours of sleep I'm now interested to find out what exactly the tears were all about!
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