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Anybody out there?

Wake up sleepy heads!  It's so dead here. 

What are your NYE plans?  DH and I are going to a small party at a friends house on QA with a great view of the Space Needle fireworks.  Since cabs in Seattle are a lost cause on NYE, I am the DD tonight, so I will only have a glass or 2 of wine early on.  Sober NY = kind of lame.  DH has been DD the last few times, so it's definitely my turn. 

Have a great day ladies!

Re: Anybody out there?

  • i'm here!  can't wait to leave and it's only 9:30! heheh...

    we are just going over to my inlaws's my DH's brother's birthday tonight so he wanted to get together.  It'll be low key for us this year, probably just play games and watch the count down on tv.

    Have a happy and safe new year's eve! 

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  • We're hanging out with some friends.  It will be nice and quiet.  We decided not to go to the same old lame party that we always go to!  Bring on the wine, movies and games! We may even crash at our friends house!  Te he!

    Happy New Year's ladies. 

  • We might check out First Night in tacoma.  Dh is on a medication that doesn't allow him to drive, or drink, so i'm dd either way; might as well be around other sober people and celebrate the art and culture of the community, right?
    Either that our we'll stay in and i'll enjoy some wine on my own ; )

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  • We are going out to dinner and renting a movie, pretty low key night. I'm starting to feel old haha.
  • We're staying at the Westin so we can sit in bed and watch the fireworks from our window. Unfortunately we're bringing DH's two teenagers plus their friends with us,

    Pray for me!

  • It is pretty quiet.  I'm here.  I'm working from home and working a full day, unless I hear differently from my boss (which I don't expect).  But I'm really not very motivated.  I've been online since 8:30 and done very little besides watching the Mystery Diagnosis marathon and painting my toenails. :-) haha

    Tonight, DH and I are staying in alone and watching movies, eating lots of munchies, and drinking pina coladas and mojitos.  I will miss going to see fireworks, but it will be nice to just stay in and enjoy our evening alone.

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  • I'm here, but I actually forgot it was NYE today!  No wonder the roads were so clear =D    I'm guessing its so slow around here because a lot of lucky nesties got NYE off...  lucky nesties!

    Anyways, I guess I should find something fun to do tonight!

  • Yay, Lynchie's here... I was starting to wonder if your version caused Jer'Magesty to make his grand entrance.

     We're heading to my friends house in West Seattle.  She has a really good view of the space needle, so we should be able to watch the fireworks and stuff from her apartment.  That is if I can stay awake.  So sleepy right now.

  • We are heading down to Oly later today for a party at a good firends house.  It should be fun, it's the last pre-baby party for them.  Thankfully I'm only at work until 2:30 so we can get down there kinda early.
  • I have no idea what we are doing tonight. DH is having a bad day at work, so I am not sure what he will be up to doing. He knows NYE is my favorite holiday so I am guessing we will just head out and try to find something to do.

    Worst case I have a bottle of bubbly at home and we can just celebrate being together :)

  • No exciting plans,we do not really celebrate NY.Will probably watch a DVD and stay nice and warm at home.

    To those who are going out, I hope you all have a nice time.

  • We are having a few friends over.  I don't get off work till 6 and I don't have time to do little finger foods so I decided I will just go ahead and make spaghetti!  Yum!!
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  • I'm here! I'm at my "fun job" right now... But just until 2:00-ish, when I'll head home to get some of my "real" work done.

    Tonight we're low-keying it... we used to go to the big party on the waterfront, but after a couple of years we were pretty content to just get together with friends and have a quiet holiday. So... I think we're just going to have a few drinks at home and then head to a friends' restaurant to wish the gang a Happy New Year before heading back into the 'hood to open a bottle of champagne and watch the fireworks from our roof... The perfect start to the New Year!

  • Staying home. Watching Battle of Alberta (that's hockey...Calgary vs Edmonton). Drinking French champagne with marionberry syrup and snacking on appetizers.
  • Ugh, I'm still at work.  Our office closed around 3:30, but I have to stay until 5 in case someone calls wanting to make an online donation.  Lame.
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