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So I was making hot cocoa...

And I turned on the wrong burner for the stovetop.  Unfortunately my keys were on that burner.  Kinda melted the plastic casing.  Not cool, not cool.  My stupidity knows no bounds...

Re: So I was making hot cocoa...

  • I never cease to amaze myself by doing stupid crap like that all of the time.
  • Oh no! Did the plastic get stuck to the burner? Hopefully they're still usable.
  • Yeah- Thankfully it did not melt to the stovetop.  It just kind of warped the plastic.  The key was not affected, but its housing was.  Woopsie!
  • One more reason why I love gas stoves and not electric.  I hate not being able to see the flame and knwo that I turned the right one on.  I did hte same thing couple a week ago while I was pressed for time to make a dish.  Something was suppose to be boiling and when I went to use it, cold as can be.  Ugh!
  • Oops, does your house smell like burnt plastic now? I hate that smell!

    My mom once burned a piece of toast and the toaster started on fire. The house smelled like burnt toast and plastic for weeks! Yuck!

  • No I think I caught it before that.  I actually  jacked the burner to high to put the kettle on.  I bent down to throw something in the trash and felt the heat and when I looked up the front burner was red and my keys were on top.  I brushed them off and turned off the front burner.  I meant to turn on the rear.  I hate the smell of burned toast, plastic, and popcorn.  YUCK!!
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