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I have a horrible new habit-- I blame the kid!

I wake up thinking about glazed donuts and dont stop thinking about them until I have two (or three!!). I am not proud ladies, but I blame the kid.

If I gain ANY weight this pregnancy this will be where it happens----my glazed donut addiction. DH suggested that we get a box to keep in the house--that would seriously not be safe and I am pretty sure they wouldnt last more than a few minutes.


Re: I have a horrible new habit-- I blame the kid!

  • One of my gf's having a super mexican cravings... and then my other friend is living off things when she was younger - Fruit by the Foot, Cinnamin toast crunch
  • Too funny Kelly!

    Definitely blame the kid!  For me it was tostitos w/lime.  had to have the stuff All.The.Time.

  • Are there some good donut options in Canada?  We have this awesome little family-owned spot around the corner that seriously has the best donuts ever.  Now I am craving one.  Thanks alot, Kelly!
  • That's ok...I'm still blaming Ella for my Pie indulgence last year that is still hanging around my hips!! Geeez Ella...if only you didn't have to have so much Pie last year I wouldn't be making another New Year's Resolution to lose weight! :)
  • Elisabeth---we have Tim Hortons. The coffee SUX but the donuts are not bad.....
  • I loved McFlurries when I was pregnant.  That was not a good indulgence!
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