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Cleaning walls recs?

Does anyone have a rec for a cleaning solution or product they love for cleaning walls? I want to go thru my house and scrub them all down but not quite sure what to use... The Mr. Clean Magic Erasers just seem to small to do an entire home and don't seem like they'd really get in there good... Has anyone tried those? Or just go thru with a scrub brush and a bucket?


Re: Cleaning walls recs?

  • It depends on the type of paint you have on the wall--if its flat you won't be able to clean it--it will rub off and its better to just repaint. 

     If the paint on the wall is a type of gloss than you can clean it easily.  I usually use warm water with dish soap and gently scrub the walls with a scrub/sponge and it works well.  It is a lot of work but looks great when done.

  • Good to know about the flat paint. I am pretty sure we have a semi-gloss although there may be a few places that are flat... Thankfully I already planned on painting (there are SO many scuffs all over from when the previous people moved out their furniture Angry) so I may just have to plan on painting a bit more.

     Thanks for the heads up on that!

  • I just always use the Magic Erasers.  I'm always amazed at how dirty they get even wiping down a wall that looks clean to the eye.  I get them in large packs (like at Sam's or Costco).  Definitely be careful in regards to the paint like pp mentioned.  I actually had to touch up a spot in our hallway where I rubbed the paint off. 
  • ditto magic eraser recommendation. i have even had pretty good luck on incidental soil on flat paint. it is the really stained stuff that i had to repaint.
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  • I just scrubbed my walls this weekend. I put a microfiber cloth on my swiffer and filled a spray bottle with warm water, vinegar and a drop of soap.

    Then I lightly sprayed the wall before I would scrub it with the swiffer. Using the swiffer I could get all the way to the top of the walls near the ceiling. My paint is old and I am getting ready to paint so if any of it rubbed off I was not too worried.

    Surprisingly none of the paint rubbed off and it worked great! Good luck Smile

  • I use either the magic erasers or soap and water on a white wash cloth. ?I you have flat paint, you have to be careful it doesn't leave any marks on the wall. ?We were instructed to use eggshell for this reason. ?I don;t think it makes a huge difference but we listened!
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