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Because you asked for it (and I'm bored stiff at work...)

You may want to hydrate so you can make your way through this, I tend to be long winded!

Leading up to the wedding I had a couple of snaffus (dress not fitting, and catering manager being fired two weeks before my wedding, oh and FINALS!) Anyway by the time I picked up DH the week before the wedding I figured whatever happened happened and I was going to enjoy myself. Luckily we got a new catering manager who took care of everything and knocked a sizable chunk off the catering bill, as for the dress the shop ended up making a custom full length veil for free and my dress ended up fitting perfect.

On Friday DH and his two kids plus all of the wedding crap and our suitcases got stuffed into my car (we were planning on taking two, but I didn't want to drive in the snow.) On the way up I get a call that Frenchys (where we were getting our nails done on Saturday) might be closed due to the snow, and I had to cancel Kate's cupcake order at Trophy because I didn't want to deal with trying to get out there on Saturday morning. Since I didn't have a car I asked my planner to pickup my dress downtown, only when she got there the shop was completely closed up,  no note, nothing.

Once we got to the hotel, DH took the kids downtown and I stayed behind since I had a makeup trial later that night. Out of boredom I went out in search of an ATM, and not half a block away was Sugar Bakery and I was able to order cupcakes for Kate (totally random, I didn't even know there was a bakery anywhere near the hotel!) Also Frenchys called to say that they could keep my original appointment!!

Day of was actually totally calm, the weather had managed to momentarily clear up. I got my nails done with my best friends, although I totally don't recommend walking around an icy parking lot in disposable flip flops. I got to chill in my room and eat grilled cheese while watching MTVs True Life documentaries marathon. My makeup person was on time, and luckily the dress shop was open so my planner brought my dress in. My family got stuck in traffic but everyone made it up from Oly.

Once I got dressed everything seemed to fly by. I'm so glad we did pictures ahead of time it was really neat to hangout with everyone before the guests arrived. We had to delay the ceremony start time by 30 minutes because of the snow, but I was amazed at the turn out given how bad the driving conditions were. The ceremony lasted about a minute (or at least felt that way) and I blubbered through the whole thing. After the ceremony we took pictures outside, we totally lucked out because it was really mild and not cold at all. We were able to duck into our cocktail hour for the last 30 minutes, I think I'm going to miss people applauding when I enter the room :)

The reception went by really quickly and with the snow we ended up cutting the reception by an hour. People loved the photo guest booth (especially my intoxicated friends!) The band was amazing, and my planner was a lifesaver, I don't think I lifted a finger in those last 48 hours. I'm now anxiously waiting for the video, my family kept coming up and telling me about all the vulgar things they were saying right before they realized the videographer was standing behind them.

At this point I'm glad everything is over. We got snowed in so we had to cancel our Honeymoon, I think we'll make it up on our one year anniversary. Oh and I will not miss buying wedding related stuff, actually I need to put together a for sale bio.

Re: :::Mandy:::

  • Yay!!! Thank you for this great summary. I am really happy that you were able to take the whole weather situation in stride. I can only imagine how beautiful and cozy the whole event must have been considering the romance of the snow. Wow.

     I just can't imagine how frightening it must've been to have these places *possibly* close or not be open for your wedding day. That must have been pretty worriesome, but at least it all worked out in the end. The weather during the day on Saturday wasn't too bad, but that evening it definitely started snowing heavily. I was thinking..."ooohh, I hope it's all working out for Rosemary!!" ha ha.

     Well thanks again for the summary. :) Loved it! And I really love that you were able to get Kate some cupcakes for her b-day...I have driven by that Sugar studio several times, and I always wonder if they make yummy cupcakes.

     Where was your cake from? Again, most beautiful wedding cake I've EVER seen.

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