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Check my cleaning schedule

Please. I feel like I am missing stuff. Feel free to critique and add your own opinions/advice. The only thing I don't have is laundry because I am not sure about this yet. I have a seasonal list that gets most off the odds an ends(outside windows and screens, light fixtures...) Sorry its a little long.


Daily:Dishes and wipe down sink, Wipe own counters, cooking and cleaning surfaces, Wipe Bathroom mirror, counter and sink, Clean toilet, Make bed and put away clothes, Tidy up rooms

 Monday: Dust (surfaces, knickknacks, window frames, ledges, door frames, ceiling fans top an bottom perimeters of room, corners of room)

Tuesday: Sweep Carpets and floor

Wednesday: Mop, Clean shower and tub

Thursday: Clean windows, polish furniture

 Friday: Sweep Carpets and floor

Saturday: Wash bedding, clean mini blinds

Sunday: Mop


Weekend 1 (Kitchen): Clean all surfaces, Wash dish rack, clean garbage cans, clean sink and drain

Weekend 2 (Living Areas): Wipe Walls and base boards. Clean heating vents

Weekend 3(Bedroom): Wipe Walls and base boards. Clean heating vents

Weekend 4(Bathroom): Wipe walls and baseboards


Re: Check my cleaning schedule

  • What about cleaning out the fridge and keeping the pantry organized?  Or is that included in "Clean all surfaces"?  

    I only noticed that b/c that is what I did this morning!

  • I have that in the seasonal category. I noticed that when I asked for peoples to base mine off of this is when most of them did that.
  • I might be blind but I couldn't see anything about laundry besides cleaning bedding.
    Elizabeth 3yrs old Jane 1yr old
  • Oops I see you've already commented on the laundry, that will learn me for not reaidng posts properly.

    What I do with laundry is moring and night do "something with the laundry."

    eg. morning put on a load. Evening put load in the dryer. Morning fold yesterdays load.?

    Elizabeth 3yrs old Jane 1yr old
  • Do you really clean miniblinds, windows and polish furniture every week.  I'm lucky if I get to this once a month.
  • Hehe FI does all the dusting due to my allergies. I like to keep things clean so they dont get bad
  • Do you work also? ?I have made a New Year's resolution to get clean and organized this year. ?Just looking at the list makes me think that I will never have any time to do anything else. ?I am definitely going to copy your list because it's a great starting point. ?I just want to believe that being clean means I still have some free time!! ?:)


    Good Luck!?

  • The first thing that struck me is you'll need to vaccum after you dust or you'll have dust everywhere. I always plan on sweeping/vaccuming after dusting.


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