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Face Cream Help

I need to get some face cream.  My skin is starting to look very dull and OLD.  I'd like something "anti-aging" or the like.  I have sensitive skin so I don't want to break out.  I don't want to spend a lot of money.  Any suggestions?  Price?
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Re: Face Cream Help

  • Well, this isn't the most cost saving option but I love Kiehls products. ?They have a store at U Village and they are always so helpful and give out any free sample you want to try.?

    I use their face lotion with sunscreen and also one for my sometime problem skin.?

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  • I use Neutrogena for sensitive skin which is really gentle and well-priced. I use Dr. Spiller's under eye cream for fine wrinkles. If your skin is looking dull you probably need a good exfoliation. My skin gets really dry/flaky this time of year and when it gets like that I use a gentle scrub. I'm a bit of a sunscreen freak so if it's a sunny day even in the winter I'll use the Neutrogena moisturizer with spf.
  • My all time favorite, which isnt cost effective at all, was perfectionist by Estee Lauder. I got a small bottle with a gift with purchase and it made my skin look incredible. I bought a bottle because I loved it so much, but I think it was super spendy. It was expensive enough I decided I could live without it :)
  • I only use Shiseido skincare products.  They're not cheap, but not horrible expensive (probably $30 for regular moisturizer).  They have 3 different lines, the age defying one is Benefiance I believe.  Skincare is one of the things I don't mind spending a little money on.. you wear your face every day after all!  :)

    You know what you can do is go to Nordstrom's or Macy's and ask a few different counters for samples of various moisturizers.  Tell them you want to try it for a couple days before buying because your skin is sensitive, they'll usually put a little in a container for you to take home. 


  • I've used the Neutrogena anti-aging cream and liked that a lot.  I've also heard good things about the Garnier anti-aging/wrinkle line.  If your skin looks dull, you'll want something with AHA in it to help "turn over" the old skin cells...

  • I have been using aveeno exfoliating cleanser with shitake(?)... too lazy to check now, but i think that's it.  It's around $10.  It made a noticable difference on my skin (softer and clearer), but i HAVE to use moisturizer with it, or it dries out too much (but i do use it 2x/day).
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  • Oh, one more thing. I've noticed a lot of the anti-aging products have salicylic acid in them which my skin totally cannot stand. If your skin is sensitive be wary of using it. It gives me a very bad reaction: red puffy eyes and red skin.
  • I really like the ROC line.  I have super sensitive skin and it's been gentle but also showing results pretty quickly.  It's a upper price drugstore line, between 15-25 $ can be hard to find. is probably the best source.
  • I love Dermalogica.  You can even just buy the daily microfoliant, which sloughs off any dead skin and makes it all shiny/new, then you can continue to use whatever it is you are currently using for face cream.  They also sell kits for $30 that last a little over a month: face moisturizer, cleanser, toner, scrub.
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