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My husband and I are newlyweds that just moved back to his hometown. I am struggling a little bit with the adjustment, especially since we moved from my college town where I had a strong social network from school and work to somewhere where I know no one except my hubby's family and some of his friends. I love my in laws, but sometimes it is difficult spending so much time with his side of the family and so little with mine. Also, I haven't really met any friends yet. Has anyone been through a similar experience? I would love to hear any feedback or advice. Thanks! 

Re: Moving

  • Why did you move back to his hometown?

    Doesn't sound like a mutual agreement to me.

    I can't possibly see why anybody would want to be IN a hometown, unless it's a major city. That's probably the only exception. Hometowns generally have no future and they're full of lifers. No challenges and nothing cool for young people, couples, singles and growing families.

    I suggest you find something to do. If not in that town, in one nearby -- volunteer, take up a new hobby, sign up for a night school class. The object is to widen your circle and keep doing so. 
  • I guess I used the words hometown and college town loosely, since both my college town and our current home/ hubby's hometown are in major cities. There are definitely a ton of things to do here, I guess I am just struggling with the culture change and change in general. The move was definitely a mutual decision, although our new locale wasn't my first choice, after we talked everything out it really did make the most sense for both of us. I like your idea for night school class, though! This could be a great opportunity for me to try something new.   
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