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Quitting a job I just started?

I've been needing out of my current job for a while now - I am burned out from the animal shelter I work at now as an animal care attendant. I applied for a position at a very small animal clinic with 1 doctor and 1 other staff member as a vet assistant. I had an interview, it went great, but then I didn't hear from them for about 2 -3 weeks. In that time I applied for a reception position at a larger animal hospital. Finally the first position called me back for a working interview and they hired me right away. 

Now, the larger hospital called me in for an interview pretty much the day I started at the new place. I still went to it. I've had a simple interview, an interview with the doctors, and a working interview. All went great! The pay is a littler better here, and the position is quite a bit less stressful.

I honestly love both jobs. But the stability, hours, and pay are better at the second place. Also the possibility of an animal care position in the future as well as possible benefits...... they are getting back to me Monday if I got the position.

I feel like I may take it if I'm offered it... but I am feeling extremely guilty about leaving the new job as they've already put 16 hours in to training me, there is only one other staff member there besides the vet. If I leave, I am going to completely screw them over. 

Everyone so far keeps telling me it's not my problem and I need to do what's best for me and don't let guilt make the decision for me.. but I feel like I need some unbiased opinions! :)

Re: Quitting a job I just started?

  • For anyone wondering how it went.. it went awful lol. I sent her a message (the only way she communicated me even when offering me an interview etc was via text) I sent her a message explaining that I had taken a job that I had applied to during the time I hadn't heard back from them. I said it fit better with my family's lifestyle. I was really polite, and respectful. I apologized profusely.. (I know that's not going to help) but there was just no way I could turn down this second offer.

    She replied saying "Please drop off your key tomorrow" to which I said 'Sure'. 3 hours later she texts me about how disappointed she is, how I "Screwed them over royally" and that she took a gamble hiring me and could have hired anyone else with "actual" clinic experience. 

    At first I was really embarrassed.. then I felt angry, and then I felt really hurt. Basically she's saying they could have hired people a lot better than me and that I was a risk. I know I f*cked them over... but people apply for more than 1 job all the time, no? Anyway, that's how it went, and now I have to go there today and drop off my key and face her. Wish me luck!
  • I'm sorry it didn't go well.  This type of thing happens all the time.  Three years ago I applied for two jobs at the same time.  The job I really wanted didn't get back to me until I'd already accepted the other job.  I quit that job 6 weeks later and started at the one I really wanted.

    Only difference is they handled it a lot more professionally.

    You'll be fine in the future.  The only bad thing is you've burned your bridges with this specific place.
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  • Late to the party but, especially considering the reaction from the first place, I think you were VERY, VERY smart in taking the other position.

    The way they handled your resignation was extremely unprofessional.  Who only knows what other rude or unprofessional treatment you might have had to put up with if you had stayed.

    When I was very young and fresh out of college, I applied for a job I was REALLY interested in.  I thought I would at least get an interview because I had a good "in".  They did not call me until 2 months later but, by then, I was already working another job.  I was in exactly the same situation you were in.  But I let my guilt get in the way of not doing what was best for myself and I declined the interview.

    I have ALWAYS regretted that!!!  Maybe I wouldn't have gotten the job anyway, but I should have tried.  Instead, I stayed in a "go nowhere" position at a little "mom and pop" type company.  The other position was at a prestigious university (seriously, I was so dumb).  Got laid off 2-3 years later with nothing more than a "see ya" and two weeks severance pay.

    Good luck in your new position!

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