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Clearly NBR: Old people & public farting

CeeCeeSugaPieCeeCeeSugaPie member
500 Love Its Fifth Anniversary 1000 Comments Name Dropper
edited April 2016 in Nest Book Club
So I went to get a massage last Thursday. It's in a chiropractor's office that I have never been to before. I walk in, the lady at the front desk asks me to fill out a form, yada, yada. There is a little old lady in the tiny waiting room with me, the receptionist, the massage therapist, and I'm guessing one of the chiros in the room. Well, I go to hand in my form and another even older old lady comes out to meet the first one. As I am standing right next to them, one of them let's out a sound like something from the Jurassic period. I know this fart lasted like at least a minute long. I seriously looked down at the floor expecting to see a pile of crap down there. Everyone acts like nothing happened. I was dying inside!  The massage therapist took me back to the room and was like "I know she did not just pass gas like no one was standing there." We had a good laugh about it so I thought I would share. 

I hope I don't give two effs about anything when I get old, but that was a bit much. Maybe she no sphincter control or something. 


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