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Good news!

I have posted in the past about being annoyed at my mother for seeking a closer relationship. 
She was abusive for many years and very narcissistic. 

Recently, my husband called my father and expressed his concerns about some of my mother's hateful comments towards me. 
I didn't even know he made the call as I was asleep. My husband is very protective of me and he can't stand my mother.
I'm happy to report that my mother doesn't call anymore! I think that my father reamed her out and she doesn't want to piss off my husband again.
She doesn't like to be viewed as a bad mother; my mom knows that my husband doesn't think highly of her.

I tried to stand up for myself and stand up to my mother in the past. It always backfired because she would turn the rest of our family against me and play the victim. She loved to play the "respect your elders" card when she has never shown me any respect. 

I guess that woman finally got it through her thick skull that I am not interested in a close relationship with her. 

Re: Good news!

  • I remember the stories you have told about your mother.  Although the general situation is sad, I'm glad to hear you've been able to put the relationship more on your terms and she is finally abiding with that.
  • Yes, we do have a sad situation but it has made me stronger and more independent.
    I try to find the blessings in my traumas. 
    I only speak to La Maman when my father calls me. It is a short and polite convo; no insults and no personal questions. 
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