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Online Shopping and Home Buying

Hello, everyone!!

I have a quick question. Right now, we're waiting on the appraisal to come back for our dream home, and if it appraises high enough, we move, if it doesn't we keep looking. 

Also, Christmas is coming up, and I want to order some stuff online. Here's my dilemma, I've got items that would arrive on the 17th or 18th. Should the appraisal go in our favor, we'd close on the 14th... I know how mail forwarding works with USPS, but how does that work with FedEx and UPS packages? Do they automatically forward as well, or would I need to set something up with my current apartment complex that I could come pick up packages?

Thanks all!!!

Re: Online Shopping and Home Buying

  • Good question, I'm not sure how that works. I would contact your apartment complex and see if you can schedule a pickup regardless of whether or not you move out. Good luck with the appraisal!! 
  • Thank you!! It's supposed to come back this afternoon, and I'm just sick with nerves. We REALLY want this house, lol. the actual appraisal was done last week, so we've been waiting forever, and I can't focus on anything at work today!

    Hopefully we'll know soon, either way!
  • UPS/FedEx has nothing to do with USPS mail forwarding.  I'm not sure if FedEx does similar, but UPS will let you re-direct shipments to their UPS store for pickup.  FedEx may do similar.  You'd have to call and ask.
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  • Fair enough! Thank you so much for the reply!
  • I think they will forward your package automatically. Mail forwardings with FedEx and UPS packages will work same as Mail forwarding works with USPS. Long back ago I used this facility for my package delivery. 
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