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I should leave my job, but I haven't yet...

Posting wondering if anyone has any helpful advice.  I am fortunate that I have work I mostly love, but I am currently working for a boss and a company I hate.  The hours are excruciating (60 hours per week average, with frequent shifts that are up to 22-34 hours without sleep - there is a 1 hour break in the middle but has to be used to drive from one location to another, or working 12 days straight of 10 hour shifts) and my boss is an ass (e.g. once asked for my opinion in a meeting, which disagreed with his but not in an offensive way, he reacted by yelling at me and belittling me in front of co-workers, refusing to make further eye contact with me, then cancelled all future meetings with me and has marginalized me for more than 2 years since).  I can easily leave the company where I am and become my own boss (the equivalent of moving from employment into consulting); I would make a bit less money, but not enough less to justify the crap I deal with on a regular basis. 

Here's my question - why haven't I already quit?  I know that part of it is financial fear, but it's more like fear about being homeless when I am 90, and the world will be totally different then.  And I also know that a second part is that I hate the idea of this ass having beaten me.  But I shouldn't be living my life trying to prove something to someone who believes he is smarter and better than everyone else in the world (and who is responsible for these ridiculously long shifts, but doesn't do any of them himself).  Thanks for any advice anyone has.  And I do realize how unbelieveably lucky I am to be in such a situation, so please don't think I am taking the opportunities I have for granted.  (And BTW, I'm not the only one who has problems with my boss.  60% of his staff has quit in the past 3 years, and my closest on-the-job friend compared his style of management to an abusive relationship - beating you down until you believe that you aren't worth anything and then you never leave because you feel this is the best you deserve.) 

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Re: I should leave my job, but I haven't yet...

  • What you are describing sounds like utter hell.  Since you have another choice, get out and get out now.  Do you have a few months of living expenses saved up, jic your business gets off to a slow start?  If not, get that saved as fast as possible and leave.  Plus that savings might give you the confidence you need to finally get out.

    I used to have a job very similar to yours with an equally horrible boss.  Except my 24+ hour shifts at least only happened 3x during my employment.  It was the best paying job I've had if you looked at my gross wages.  But, if you broke down what I made per hour, it was one of the worst paying jobs I had.

    Yes, I made a good bit less total money at my next job, but it was SOOOO worth it!  Life is way too short to work those kind of horrific hours.  What if you get seriously injured in a car crash because you fall asleep at the wheel after working continuously for 34 hours?  Or seriously injure someone else?  Is this job worth that?  Of course not.  You know the answer ;)

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