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Traumatized Kitty

Hello everyone.  I'm new to these boards.  ^^

I just got home from a three-day stay in the hospital, and one of my cats, Molly, seems to be a little traumatized.  She's made herself a little nest on my bed with a blanket on top of a pair of my night pants, and when I first got home, she seemed ecstatic.  I lay next to her and pet her and talked to her and she whirled herself into balls trying to cover my face with fur.  O.O

But now she's back in her nest and won't come out.  She's flinching at every little noise and movement, even when I come in to pet her.  She's repeatedly licking her lips, which is an odd behavior for her; I've never seen her doing that before.

Molly is the youngest of my four cats and the only girl.  She is in every way a little princess.  We got her from a private savior of lost cats and dogs, and when we first saw her, she was in a hamster cage, running every which way and begging for attention, though we couldn't touch her because she had ringworm at the time.  When she was clear, we brought her home.  Molly is very friendly with the other cats and is my baby.  She sleeps every night in my bed, and oftentimes on top of me.  Why does she now seem to be afraid of me?

Thanks in advance, guys!

Re: Traumatized Kitty

  • Hello, welcome!  I'm sorry to hear Molly is upset.  I know how it is, you see them hurting and scared and want to reassure and fix things.  But we don't always know what to do!  I would give it a few more days.  In general, cats like their structure and routines.  They find it upsetting to be out of their routine and that was what happened when you weren't home with her for 3 days.

    I think the time you were away upset her and made her insecure.  And, although she was excited when you returned, I think she is still recovering from your absence and just needs a few more days to see that her routine has resumed.

    If a few days go by and she doesn't start getting better...or starts to get worse, I would take her to the vet.

    Good luck and let me know how things go!

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