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Relocation and trouble finding work/accepting rejection

I (me, 33 year old professional) recently relocated from Los Angeles to Bend, Oregon for my husband's job and a lifestyle change. My field is IT, and I previously worked at NPR in a management role and prior to that in higher education at Pepperdine University(senior management) and Loyola Marymount University. I recently applied for a position at an organization that was at an administragion level through an employment agency. I was not ultimately selected, however I made it to the final round. When contacted by the agency, I was told that the position went to an individual that held a PhD. I was dissapointed but accepted their decision. Today I found out that the person that won the position was in their mid to late 40s and only recently (2014) graduated with their bachelors degree. I am not upset that another individual beat me out, but more that the professional employment agency lied about about the other canidates credentials. I guess my question is why lie? I want to make sure I am receiving appropriate feedback from the agency and organization interviewed with as it gives me a chance to think constructively about my performance,and also ultimately what interviewers are looking for. Anything that can help me improve my interview performance is worth considering because it will undoubtedly increase the career opportunities available to me. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated!

Re: Relocation and trouble finding work/accepting rejection

  • Perhaps it is possible that the agency told you what they were told.  Doesn't mean they were told the truth.
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  • Sorry to hear that!  My H is also in IT and has been unemployed for a long time.  But we live in an area with few tech jobs.

    I used to work at a placement agency and, while I can't speak for all of them, I was always honest with candidates as to why they were not chosen for a position.  Like @jtmh2012 said, it is possible they were given wrong information.  There is just no telling.

    I wonder if the company didn't offer you the position because they thought you were over qualified.  That has always seemed counter intuitive to me, but it does happen. 

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