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Post-Wedding Blues

Post-Wedding Blues does  anybody get them are am I  just weird?  After such a huge buildup of our wedding and its over now .

Re: Post-Wedding Blues

  • Wedding planning is crazy and makes people stressed and tired. You are responding to the release of stress and emotion that has built up over the months of planning. It will pass.

    But, remember that your wedding day was made up of a ceremony and a party. It is not your marriage. Now, is the time to build on the marriage - recognize that the ceremony was a public display of commitment and the party was a celebration. It's up to you and your DH now to follow through on the commitment and realize you had a nice party. But, parties end.

    You are now in the exciting phase of being newly-weds. Enjoy it!

  • It is a kind of weird emotion that I think a lot of new brides feel.  I shook myself out of it by reminding myself how happy I was and how lucky I felt to be starting this new part of my life with my amazing husband.

    We also started making some future plans for trips, purchases, etc.  That helped to get my mind focused on something else to look forward to and plan for.  

  • I got married over 4 years ago and I remember having bad post wedding blues.  I spent a whole year focusing on one event and then it was over with in the blink of an eye so I kind of felt "That's it?  I only get 6 hours after a whole year of planning?"  And yeah I know the marriage is the important thing that came out of that day, but spending that much time planning one day can always feel like a let down afterwards regardless of how amazing the turned out.

    My best advice is to find other things that interest you to focus on.  For me H and I had just moved into a new house so I got to start decorating.

  • I can relate, so no you're not weird. I definitely had a sense of "the wedding is over, and now its just us" lol It's slowly passing (just had our ceremony in July). I've been getting baby fever....may be my need to work towards something...? lol I'm sure the feeling will pass with time!
  • I have these too!  Our wedding was in the town where we live and both of our families came from pretty far away for it.  They were there the entire week before the wedding.  As we drove away from the reception I almost started crying, thinking when we get back from the honeymoon, it's going to be just us.  I wanted to be psyched about all this time I get with my now husband.  It is wonderful, but after all those visitors and looking forward to it, etc. it just feels like a bit of a letdown.

    I think the hardest part is that DH takes it a little bit personally.  I probably would too, but it's hard to make myself snap out of it.  

    Part of the problem for me is feeling like I was so exhausted and nervous at our wedding that I didn't get to spend enough quality time with DH.  I was thinking about having us go to a photo studio and take some formal portraits in our wedding clothes, but that seems kind of silly.

    The one thing I do know, though is that this kind of thing is definitely temporary.  I've felt this way after other big life events and it's always gone away.  It might just take a little longer because weddings are such a huge high and require so much advanced planning for something very brief.
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