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Maternity Leave

If you're not planning on returning to your job - what's an appropriate and safe for you time frame to let your company know once you're on leave? Is a week before you're supposed to return suitable?  I just want to watch my own back since my company is shady and might not pay me for the full duration.

Re: Maternity Leave

  • I would give the standard two-week notice, just as if you were leaving to go to another job or whatever other reason.

    I think it depends on where your pay is coming from as to how they will handle that.  If it is short-term disability, the disability probably has to keep paying you until it would have been time for you to return to work...though I don't know that for sure.  If your company has a policy where it just pays your salary for maternity leave, than they may just terminate you immediately when you give your notice.  Though maybe that is not legal?  Not sure.

    Of course, if you don't really care about them giving you a good reference for potential future employment with them or another company, then there is really no reason you couldn't just give them the one week notice you are thinking about...or even just call them the day before and say, "Sorry, I decided I'm not coming back to work."

  • I know in New York, most of my friends that have done this have actually gone back to work and then given the two weeks notice within that first few days back.  This covers you for any issues (medical/financial) coverage of doing it before or while you are on leave. 
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