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So this is my first post, we are newlyweds and I know I want to wait until it makes sense with work and such to get pregnant. I wanted to wait about a year. However people keep pointing out that I am almost 30. In my mind I am starting to freak that when the ideal time in my life to have kids, my body won't be capable. I know this sounds crazy but the way people have been talking makes it seem like I won't be able to. Does age really matter that much? 

Re: Age

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    Its my understanding that statistically difficulties with conception don't begin to happen until closer to 40 (of course there are women of all ages that struggle with infertility) and around the same time there becomes a slight increase in the possibility of birth defects and other issues. I say live your life and start a family on the timeline that is best for YOU and your spouse, regardless of what others say or suggest.
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  • I wouldn't worry about that. I have an aunt who started menopause early and likes to tell me I need to be cautious and try ASAP. I am 23. My family doesn't know we are trying.

    People like to spout things off and have opinions. I would do what is best for you. I am so happy that H and I got two years of marriage alone and had time to really get our finances in order. 30 is not old!

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  • 30 is certainly not a fertility deadline. Do what is right for you and your husband and dont let people pressure you.

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  • You do what you and you H decide is best. After all, y'all are going to be the ones raising this child, so no one else gets an opinion on your having children. There are plenty of people who have perfectly normal pregnancies and healthy babies who are older than 30!
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  • I didn't even get married until I was 2 months shy of my 30th birthday. I'm now 34 with an almost 2 year old, do what works best for you and your H and ignore outside pressure.

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  • Do what is right for you and your husband.  As PP has said, 30 is not a fertility deadline.
  • Thanks everyone!! It's nice to hear some positive things!
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