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Wednesday Whines

I've got a few. Thought it would be appropriate. 

1. I'm at work while J is home sick. 

2. I have to get up early tomorrow, because I somehow agreed to go on a 14 hour field trip the day before I start the art show set up. That was dumb. 

3. I have a prom dress to finish and give to a girl tonight... Not sure how that's going to get done.  
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Re: Wednesday Whines

  • 1. I've been awake since 4 something because Lily would settle down. When she finally did, I couldn't get back to sleep.

    2. P is really annoying me. I think it's because he's not happy at work and he brings that home.

    3. I want to wean Lily but I don't want to deal with the days (or possibly weeks) of horrible naps/sleep as we wean.
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  • I am tired of fighting for kids when my opinion doesn't count for anything.

  • Awww, (((HUGS))) Jen.
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  • So I know it's not Wednesday but this happened on Wednesday.  I was talking to P about my next shift for work being Saturday afternoon.  And the topic of visiting family over the summer came up.  I pointed out I wouldn't be traveling much if I had several shifts like I have this past week.  He had a horrible attitude about it.  Rolling his eyes, sighing, ect.  He says he knows we need to save up money for new windows, an A/C unit, new carpet, but he's just done with me working since he has to come home and watch Lily and make dinner.  I tried to gently point out that I do all those things every day after spending all day taking care of Lily, cleaning, laundry, groceries, ect and that I was enjoying him making dinner for a change.  I mean really, heaven forbid he help out when he gets home from work.  And heaven forbid watching Lily on the weekends cuts into his gaming/computer time.  Cry me a freaking river!

    What I really wanted to say was that if he was so tired of it, he needs to either get his boss to put him in the on-call rotation or find a new job.  I'm sick of hearing him complain about work when he does nothing to change it.  And my PMS hormones are not helping my reaction, I know.  Funny enough, when I wasn't working and he was stressing about money, it felt like he was always bringing up me finding some way to work from home.  When I do find a work from home job, he hates it because it interferes with his free time.  When do I get free time?  So that's my rant/whine - P is being crabby which is making me crabby.
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  • I will say this, as guys, we suck horribly at communicating.

    There are times I'm glad Joy went back to work and there are times I wish she'd just stayed at home.  I never expected someone who made straight A's in a Master's degree to stay home.  Would have been a waste on so many levels.  However, because we work opposite shifts, we never get to have any time together except Wednesday evenings and most Sundays.  Sometimes I feel like her and I are roomies. :(

    Is it possible something like that could be going on and he's just not saying it right?
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  • Sorry you are having a disagreement with your H Michelle. I think he needs to step into your shoes for a day. If only that were possible. I hope you guys are able to settle things. He really needs to find a new job that he likes. I hope he can do that soon too.
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  • Thanks, Megan. I really think that would help.

    Mark, it's possible. But we see each other pretty much every evening and on weekends. Before this week I was only having maybe one 4 hour shift a week. Sometimes that was every two weeks. This week I had 5. So I get that it's a big change this week. But the rest of the month I'm back to one shift a week. Maybe he was just feeling really overwhelmed?
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  • Day late but it still counts. It is so hard traveling and trying to breastfeed. I'm constantly pumping. If not pumping I plan the next time I can.
  • Aleigha, I can only imagine. Major kudos!!!
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  • YAY for breastfeeding.  You can do it mama!

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