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I'm going to be all pouty for a bit.  I had severe pain on my right side Thursday night.  I had to take a prescription ibuprofen just to get to sleep.  I've been sore off and on since then and crampy.  I think I had another cyst burst.  P is being all "what if it was implantation and you are pregnant".  Which is getting my hopes up.  But based on FF and cervical mucous (sorry TMI), I'm 99% sure it was just a cyst and that I'm not pregnant.  I've also been nauseous and dizzy that last few days.  Again P thinks I'm pregnant.  I think it's a combo of drainage from my allergies and just hormones from said possible cyst bursting.  But that hasn't stopped me from looking up pregnancy announcement ideas or from analyzing every little symptom and googling them. 

I think I'm setting myself up for a very disappointing Mother's Day as testing this next weekend will give me my answer.  Just needed to let it all out.  If I tell my sister or my mom, I'll just be getting phone calls and text messages until I get my period asking if I am pregnant. 
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Re: Waaahh

  • ((hugs))  

  • Thanks.  >:D<

    I just need to stop obsessing about this. 
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  • Sending hugs your way. If it is a cyst that burst is that something you will need to go see the doctor about.
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    Lilypie - (V3N1)
  • Can you get an infection from that Michelle?

  • In the past when I've had a cyst burst, there wasn't much the doctor could do.  Other than note it in my file and give me pain meds.  If it didn't start to feel better after a few days, there would be something to worry about.  But mine have always gotten better.  I haven't had one burst since the month before I got pregnant with Lily, so it really took me by surprise.

    Jen, I think it's possible depending on the type of cyst you have.  There are different types of cysts and I know one type is full of blood and stuff (ick).  Mine are like the cysts that everyone has for ovulation, they can just grow too big.  I've been to the ER before when the pain wouldn't go away with ibuprofen.  But I only went because it was on my right side which is also where your appendix is. Hence the ER visit. 
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  • I hope you get to feeling better!

  • Thanks!!  I'm definitely feeling better than I was last Thursday and Friday. 
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