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Trader Joes!

We are finally getting a TJ and I was wondering what are your go to items there!?

Re: Trader Joes!

  • I love my TJs!!  My husband and I keep our freezer stocked with their stuff.  My cheat is the steak and ale pies, so many calories but so delicious, and great to have in the freezer for quick dinners.  I also love their reduced guilt microwavable meals (especially the mac & cheese and ziti) for work lunches.  The soups are great, I always have them in stock.  the only thing I find kind of meh there is the produce so I tend to buy that elsewhere.
  • SO lucky!!!  I am green with envy.  My DH and I both moved away from the West Coast many years ago (though at different times) and we both miss TJs.
  • I'm jealous! The closest one to me is about 1.5 hours away, and I've still not been!
  • Love it! They have great frozen meals, amazing cheeses, excellent wines/beer. We also love their par-baked (1/2 baked) artisanal bread. You finish baking it at home. Just amazing!
    Fixing a fixer upper in So Cal!
  • Trader Joes is my favorite store!! Love everything they have!!  LOL!
  • We have one an hour from us so I stock up when I'm there
  • Everything!!  I go 3-4 times a week :)  The prices on basics like pasta, peanut butter, olive oil, frozen veggies, eggs, etc. are unbeatable compared to the other stores in my neighborhood - you'll have to compare to see if that is true for you.  Try the roasted red pepper soup - it comes in a box and is delicious (best in the winter though).  The frozen greek yogurt is also a delicious and fairly healthy treat!
  • SO lucky!!!  I am green with envy.  My DH and I both moved away from the West Coast many years ago (though at different times) and we both miss TJs.
    Update, I live in New Orleans and just found out a TJ's opened in Baton Rouge a few months ago (90 minutes away).  Even better, they are building another one, just one town over.  Except it won't open for one more year.  But at least its coming!
  • Wine and cheese for sure!!!
  • Ah I'm so jealous. Our closest Trader Joe's is a decent drive away so we don't get there very often! But when we do we make sure to stock up on their cheese, cookie butter (amazing!!) and their dark chocolate peanut butter cups for a treat! 
  • You will love it! Everything there is amazing, havent found one thing we dont like!
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