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Keep the Urinal?!

OtterJOtterJ member
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edited December 2014 in Decorating & Renovating
This summer, my husband and I bought our first house.  The hall bath is small, but in addition to a regular toilet, it also has a urinal on the wall.  Originally, the urinal was not functioning, but when some plumbers came by to do a long list of repairs, they FIXED the urinal, instead of REMOVING it, as originally requested.  The plumbers have offered to come and remove the urinal for free, but we haven't been able to schedule a time for them to come yet.  While we've been living with it, I've been second guessing on whether or not we should have it removed.  Here are the pros and cons:

  • I find it hilarious that we have a urinal in our home....and so does everyone that we tell, or who visits.  It's an interesting conversation piece. 
  • As my sister-in-law pointed out:  men (and of course, boys) are extremely messy, and so having a urinal is (as she says it) brilliant.  I do have to admit, the other toilets have remained much cleaner than normal since my husband, and all male guests use them less often.
  • My husband kinda likes it....but he is also okay with having it removed.
  • We won't have to repair the huge hole in the wall that it will leave behind if we have it removed


  • It's weird
  • It takes up wall space in the small bathroom (there's room for it, but it limits what I can do with the walls, and the placement of the towel racks)
  • It's one more thing to clean - although, I let the hubby clean it, so it's more a matter of reminding him to keep it sparkling white

So I'm looking for opinions.  Am I crazy for wanting to remove it, or would you also veto a urinal in your home?  In the end, we're going to do what we feel is best for us, but I"m honestly curious to see how other people feel about it.  Pretty much all men that I've asked LOVE it, as well as some women, but others think it is just too weird to keep.  

I should add - this is a 2 bathroom house.  The urinal is in the bathroom that all guests would use (the other bathroom is the master bathroom that only my husband and I use).


Re: Keep the Urinal?!

  • Well, it's kinda like a bidet - an extra bathroom feature. It's a very personal decision and so is a urinal, IMO.

    I do find it odd that this urinal is in the "public" bathroom versus the master bath. For example, I would NEVER want to see a bidet in a guest/public household bathroom!

    Do you plan on being in this home forever? If not and you plan to resell, I would remove it. As it was to you, I think it will be a turn-off to potential buyers.

    If the urinal were in the master bath or a man-cave crap hole - I'd say leave it. Public/guest use = not so much.

  • My husband would LOVE to have a urinal in our bathroom. He actually bought one when we purchased the house and started renovating, but I wasn't into having that thing in the bathroom so we compromised and he currently has it in his garage/man-cave. He swears having a urinal is a "huge selling-point to any man", but I'm not about to put that thing in out bathroom when I know I'd be the one who ends up cleaning it.
  • I'm personally not a fan of them being in the main bathroom. If it were in a separate toilet room that would be a little more tolerable. It will be better for resale if you remove it, many people would find it to be a huge turnoff.
  • KahlylaKahlyla member
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    edited February 2015
    I like funky conversation pieces and would probably keep it myself (I also have two young boys, so.. yeah.). But then I live in an old elementary school and one of our bathrooms actually has a stall, so... we have things like a drinking fountain, wall-mounted pencil sharpeners, the old bell and PA system, niches for fire extinguishers, and of course, two full classrooms still on the ground floor, and we're keeping it all. Possibly I'm not the most normal person to answer. :)
  • @kahlyla ; Whaaaaaat?....That sounds awesome!  That makes me want to go old school or church shopping.

    Thank you everyone, for your opinions and perspective!  I really do appreciate it.

    About a week ago, we realized that a little work was needed in the master bathroom, so we decided to start using the guest shower until the upgrades/repairs could be made. 

    Every time I dry off after a shower, I'm super paranoid that my towel is going to brush against the inside or the edge of the urinal (it's located in the prime "dry off & dress" area of the bathroom).  I don't care how clean my husband keeps will never be clean enough for my clean bath towel to touch the inside of it.  And for that reason alone....I've decided that it has to go.  In all honesty, I think I might miss it a little.  The oddity of it was a little fun. 

    We might still keep it.  I'm thinking about attaching it to the outside of the garage, and turning it into a planter. 
  • if you ever think you might have sons in that house, i would definitely keep it. Even though it is in the "public" bathroom, that's probably the one kids would use! my brothers turned our bathroom into the most disgusting mess and now my parents have a bathroom full of pee-stained wallpaper around the toilet.
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  • I personally think it's weird and would remove it, as I would always feel like I was entering the mens room of a restaurant when I used that bathroom.  LOL
  • I'd keep it, as you mentioned there are benefits and it's not that off putting, I've been to a couple other houses in the past that have them.
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