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confused...wanting to work but...

I live in a country where the legal hassles to work for a married woman have increased. I need to transfer my sponsorship to company's from my husband. On the surface it will seem legit but then transferring back or if I want to quit, then there is a possibility things can get messy. Plus, if my sponsorship is not under husband's I might have difficulties travelling with him during that time. Plus, we are planning to start a family by next year and I don't plan to over work myself during pregnancy time period. Long story short, it doesn't look feasible to me to go through that right now. 
But at the same time, I miss working. I worked for 5+years in finance services and studied for post-graduate at the same time. I am hating to see my efforts going wasted. So, best solution I have come up with is to look for project based work. I am having a bit difficulty finding that too. I don't know the local language (arabic - a tough language) which makes everything hard anyways. Though in professional environment everyone knows English to at least some level. Still, it is hard. 

I live with my husband's parents which means there is implicit expectations from me to be at home mostly and not working any job which would require me to be outside home for 8-12 hours. 

I feel very unfulfilled. I get desperately bored. There is not much to do in these Arab countries anyways. At the most I can do is join a gym to keep sane. Any suggestions as to how I should live my life 9-5 which was filled with work before and now it is pretty empty. I have become very lazy being at home mostly. I am not that much into housework and cooking but starting to adjust to that though I have been married for more than a year by now.

Re: confused...wanting to work but...

  • The only thing I could think of would be to do something on your own or with his parents - turn some kind of hobby, interest, or talent into a way to occupy your time and earn an income as well. That way you can still find something fulfilling to do (or just to pass the time) and you also won't be involved with the implications of employment or going against the family expectations.
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