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Please opine! Cabinet hardware

edited December 2014 in Decorating & Renovating
Hi there - I'm new to this board as my husband and I are just in the process of finalizing the purchase of our first home! We are doing a kitchen makeover and I'm very into the brass hardware trend right now (my husband shockingly has no opinion on cabinet hardware). There are several different pieces I've fallen in love with and I'm not sure if they all go together, as one has a slightly more modern feel that the others. Could you please opine and let me know if style really matters or if the finish makes it so that they all go together already (ex. brushed vs. lacquered)? 

How did you figure out your finishes - buy a bunch and return what you didn't like or was there some type of software you used? 

I love the long rods in the first photo but am also loving the latch and cup style in the second - especially the latch. 

Thank you!

Re: Please opine! Cabinet hardware

  • I think people wayyyyy over think decorating.  Either option would look good most likely.  Styles can be mixed and still look good.  It's entirely up to you.  I like both.  

    I knew exactly what I wanted and bought only that.  I try to never second guess my decorating instincts and just with my gut.  It's never failed.  Were there other options that would have looked good?  Sure, but I'm always happy with my gut choice.
  • Personally I like the rods better but I agree with Bluebird to go with your gut. Most guys don't have much of an opinion on this stuff, unfortunately my H does very strongly and his style is well interesting.
    Some of my work.

    <img src="[IMG][/IMG]" width="180px">

    <img src="[IMG][/IMG]" width="180px">
  • If you are going for a modern look - then picture #1,  IF your home will be more traditional - then #2
    (my personal preference is for the #2 photo-white cabinets with brass pulls)
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