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Kindle - Pros/Cons ?

I'm thinking about getting a Kindle and I have mentioned it to my husband as a possible Christmas present.  I'm one of those people who have been on the fence about e-readers ever since they came out.  One of my best friends has one and she is constantly raving about it and has encouraged me to get one.  I'm not sure which one she has, but she said that she can link audiobooks to it and it will mark the spot where you left off for when you pick it up to read it.  So, can anyone give me any info?  Recommendations?  Pros/Cons, ect?

I hope everyone has had a great Thanksgiving!!!
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Re: Kindle - Pros/Cons ?

  • I have the old Kindle Keyboard and have for about three years. I was very hesitant at first and it was actually purchased for me as a gift from my sister, after I had decided not to get one.

    I love it. I still prefer paper books, and primarily read paper books, but reading on the Kindle is so convenient. I re-read Harry Potter every year and can carry all the books with me. It's so easy to have the Kindle instead of OotP, which I have in hardcover haha. 

    It also makes traveling easier now too. Books can too easily get wet/damaged at the beach/lake, where as a Kindle can be put into a gallon size ziplock bag and it's protected. I can also carry several books to read/choose from without having to pack a bag full of books.

    Cons, the books can be pricey, but there are options such as borrowing e-books from the library, Kindle unlimited, daily and monthly deals, etc. to get them at a cheaper cost.

    Pro, Kindles are currently on sale on Amazon and if it is ever broken they have great customer service. You could just re-download your books onto a new Kindle at no cost. They are saved forever in the cloud. As your friend said, it does mark the spot. I can read on my Kindle, switch to my phone (if I forget my Kindle at home), then switch back to Kindle and it updates to where you left off. 

    Another pro, if I turn off the WiFi, the battery lasts for weeks. And it charges pretty quick. I can usually make it through 2-3 books on one charge. Also, it's easy to hold in one hand, even turn the page while holding in one hand. Makes it much easier to read while eating lunch, etc.

    Again, I still prefer paper books, but I love my Kindle as well and have been eyeing the Paperwhite for a while as an upgrade.
  • To jump onto @booknerd226 's post I had a kindle keyboard and this past year got a paperwhite and I LOVE it. The only feature I miss from the keyboard are the page turning buttons (but that's a feature they brought back with voyager). The light inside the paperwhite is perfect and I love how it's easily adjustable depending on your lighting situation.

    I totally concur that it makes traveling easier. Also other people have said it, but I actually feel like I read faster when I'm on my kindle. I'll often look down at the "% done" number and I am surprised how much it's changed since the last time I looked.

    I've never used the audiobook - reading place marker transition but I believe that is what "whispersync" is....I'm sure someone else on here knows for sure....

    I still read physical books constantly (normally I have 3 books going at once all in different formats) but I adore my kindle and would highly highly recommend one!
  • If you search 'e readers,' you will find that this has been discussed several times.

    Here's a pretty good one -
    ~ G ~ 10/2008
    ~ E ~ 7/2010
    ~ A ~ 3/2014
  • I love my Kindle. I was very hesitant about it at first, but now use it almost exclusively. It's more comfortable to hold than a physical book, especially a long and thus heavy one. I also like being able to adjust the size of the text so I have less eye strain from looking at tiny words. 

    It also lets me get more reading in on the elliptical and while I'm getting ready in the morning when because it sits flat and I don't have to hold a book open and try to put on mascara at the same time. It's also great for traveling. 

    Whispersync is actually a feature you can use if you own both the Kindle book and audiobook versions of a particular title. You can read a chapter, then get in the car and your audiobook will pick up where you left off in the Kindle book. I've done this with Under the Dome and several others and it's really cool to be able to switch back and forth like that, but not all books are Whispersync enabled.  

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    One Sweet Shannon
  • I read almost exclusively on my kindle.  The pros for me are storage and instant gratification.  If I can't sleep and want to start a new book at 11 pm it's very easy to do so.  I can also read in bed and not disturb DH. 

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    One Sweet Shannon
  • Thank you everyone!!!
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  • I just got a Kindle a few months ago, but I've been using the Kindle app on the iPad and iPhone since the iPad originally came out.

    For me, the biggest advantage is that I can keep a huge library without having to move or store heavy boxes of books. I have over 1000 Kindle titles, most of which I've purchased for a few dollars during Daily and Monthly Deals.

    Other than that, I love being able to leave my book open when I'm reading and doing something with my hands, increasing the font size so it's easier to read at the gym, and taking a huge library on every vacation. Personally it's also great to be able to buy English books whenever I want even though I live in a non-English country.

    As for the Kindle specifically, I chose the Paperwhite, because I like being able to read in the dark without needing an additional light. I switched from the app to a real Kindle for two main reasons: 1) Being able to read outside in bright daylight. It was too hard to see the iOS screen clearly at the beach or in the park. 2) Lighter weight. I eventually switched to the iPhone over the iPad because it was easier to hold and easier to carry everywhere. The iPad in my purse all the time was getting too heavy. A third bonus reason is battery life. Much better with the Kindle over iOS.
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