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Working at home

Does any mom or wife work from home? and if you do, what job do you have? I'd like to start working from home as me and my husband are about to start a family.

Re: Working at home

  • I work at home for a global pharmaceutical company. I've had a few different roles were I have been able to work at home within the company. I did start out initially in the office though. The reason for working at home is mainly due to meetings outside of my normal timezone due to the global nature of my job. So while I have to be more flexible, it still works for me. I would suggest looking for a big company with multiple global locations that is used to having people work remotely. 
  • Is your plan to work at home and care for the baby? Because that can be extremely challenging and many work from home positions will not allow that.
    Would you want to have a nanny in home with you? 

    I know your question is what jobs people have for working at home, but that is my 2-cents. 

    I have option to work remotely. I work for a large financial company with offices all over. I am able to work from home on occasion. 
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  • I work from home when I am not traveling in digital media sales- I did however start in an office the first four years. I need to have almost full time child care in order to get anything done!
    Me-27- DH- 38 -Moved to New York* TTC since August 2011, unexplained IF & PCOS HSG - both tubes clear Saline Ultrasound- clear SA- Normal January 2013- Started metformin 1500mg attempting micro IVF 2/8/2013 2/8/2013 Cycle- ganirelix, menopur, gonal F 3/3/2013- ER- 7 Eggs 3/4/2013- All 7 fertilize 3/8- ET
  • I've always had an option to work from home occasionally at my various jobs, but to be completely honest-- I'd almost always rather be at the office if I really want or need to get things accomplished. You may have the best intentions in the world, but there are so many distractions and non-work temptations at home... I typically only work from home if I'm under the weather and wouldn't be getting a lot accomplished regardless of my location. Just my humble perspective :)
  • I started my own graphic design business two years ago and work from home. I typically stay really busy and I love the schedule flexibility and variety of projects it offers. My plan is to have this business built to a place where I can have kids and work from home full time, or close to full time. Haven't had any kids yet, so we'll see how that goes when the time comes.  A few words of advice 

    - if you're not starting your own business, you'll need to find something that offers you the option to work with flexible hours. I work 8-10 hours a day, but it's typically broken up, since it's hard to find a full uninterrupted 8 hours in the day. Expect to work some really late nights, and/or be squeezing in a half hour of work while lunch is in the oven.

    - you WILL get stir crazy. You just will. Plan yourself a tiny human-interaction break every day, whether it's walking dogs with a friend or making a starbucks run. Otherwise, you'll get burnt out and your work will suffer.

    - Break your day up to stay focused. I have an egg timer, I work for 25 minutes and then get up for 5 and try to fold laundry or something real fast, and then repeat. If you're just sitting in front of your computer for hours, you'll end up on facebook, and that doesn't make anybody any money. In fact, delete facebook. You don't need it. 
  • I have a friend and a cousin who both work from home for companies (not self employed).  My friend has two kids and, when they were little, she would still send them to daycare.  She said she couldn't get any work done if they were home also.  Because, what do kids do?  They want to constantly play with mommy and get her attention.

    My cousin's hours are not flexible.  Her work is heavily monitored.  She was also told something to the effect of, if she had any children, she needed to either put them in daycare or have another adult caregiver for them in the home during working hours.

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