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GTKY- H and me

I met my H during my senior year of college in 2005. He'd graduated a few years before me, but was visiting my college town with friends in an attempt to meet girls.

One of his friends was dating- and is now married to- my BFF. We all met up that night, drank too much Bud Light, played foosball in a college bar.... And the rest is history. I was 21, H was 24.

When I graduated, I moved to the town where he was living (which was my hometown, but my family no longer lived there). We continued dating for about another year or so when he got the itch to move. He was from another state and missed it, I had nothing keeping me there.

We packed up and move across the country. We were not yet engaged so I refused to live with him, but our relationship grew enormously. I never had that moment where I "knew" he was the one-- but I knew he was a good one and knew that he'd always take care of me.

We finally got engaged in 2009 and married in 2010.

I never thought of him as my best friend. I sometimes question our differences in beliefs, hobbies, family backgrounds. I don't feel like he makes me a better person.

But. He is truly my other half. What I lack, he picks up- and vice versa. I love spending time with him. We have so much fun, we laugh. We are still as infatuated with each other as we were in 2005, and now we have so much love on top of that. We have gone through a lot, and only the two of us share those experiences. We've bonded over loss, and grown up together. I truly can't imagine, and don't want to imagine, my life without him. He's my person. I am happy to spend my life with him, and excited to see what our future will bring. Regardless of how it all pans out (the kid stuff), I'm so lucky to have him as my partner on this journey.
IUI - BFP! Baby boy born still - August 2012
IVF - BFP - miscarriage June 2013
Switched clinics
IVF with PGD - three embryos created, all healthy - July 2014
FET - transferred two embryos (boy and girl) - Nov 2014 - BFP!
Baby Boy born July 2015

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Re: GTKY- H and me

  • What a wonderful story :)

    Married August 2009

    3 years. 5 losses.

    Our rainbow baby boy born 11.16.15

  • Aww I love this!
    Congrats to my TTC buddy Madeline! Cheering for all the strong 3T ladies! 

    TTC since March 2012; DX: PCOS 4/2013 
    BFP 7/6/2013; EDD 3/6/2014 
    Diagnosed with Pre-E: 2/15/201
    Emergency induction: 2/16/2014
    Baby E born: 2/16/2014 at 12:56pm. 5lb 15oz

  • I love how you say that you don't think of him as your best friend or the one but that he is your other half. It's a very true statement for a lot of people and just shows how much you do love him! :)
  • Very sweet story.
    TTC 24 months, IUI #3 BFP 6/4/14 Beta 6/5 58, 6/9 508, 6/11 1227 TWINS! EDD 2/15/15
    With heavy hearts, we said goodbye to our precious angels on 8/12 at 13 weeks 2 days.
    IVF #1 Lup/Brav/Meno, ER 11/28 10R/10F, ET "Rudolph" 4AA embryo 12/3, 7 frosties.
    BFP! Betas: 12/12 225, 12/15 706, 12/17 1512. EDD 8.21.15
    12/29 hb 120. 1/5 perfect, GRAD DAY! 1/15 perfect at OB. NT 2/6 PERFECT, HB 158!

    Baby Girl born 8.9.15 at 38.2 due to IUGR 4lb7.8oz 17" 
    Our princess is being watched over by her older siblings every day <3

  • I feel the same way about H.
    B Born 6.27.13
  • So sweet!

    Cinnabun and Junebug say, "Go Wildcats!"

  • This is really sweet.


    "You know you're in love when you don't want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams." - Dr. Seuss

    TTC #1 August 2014. BFP 9/26! EDD 6/9/15
    Baby A born 6/17/2015
  • I love your honesty!
    Lilypie First Birthday tickers
  • "He's my person" - I love this.
    TTC #1 since Feb. '12. dx: "unexplained" IF
    After 2 shitty IVF cycles and 1 loss at 6+2 (EDD 11/7/14), DH and I are pursuing DIA.
    11/17/2014 - ACTIVE AND WAITING!
    Pregnancy was never the end goal; being a mom was.
    I've been holding out on GP: I got drunk once and started a blog: Here it is (11/7 update)

  • That's a wonderful story!
    Married 2-20-10        Dx PCOS 1-2013         Metformin 500mg 3x/day  Will Start TTC Aug. 2015
  • Love this.
  • I love your honesty. Great story. :)

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  • ♥️

    Baby Boy born 5.3.15

  • Cute! Thanks for sharing!

    TTC since 3/2012 
    DH - 36; nml swimmers; Me - 36; almost no AMH (last 0.081), low AFC, nml FSH/LH
    Clomid + IUI #1 (6/2013) - BFN; #2 (7/2013) - BFFN
    IVF 1.0 5R/5F/2T (ET 6/11/2014) - no frosties, but BFP 8dp5dt (EDD 3/1/2015) 
    Lost our sweet baby boy, Lincoln Alexander 10/3/2014 (19w)
    IVF 2.0 - ER 3/25/2015 - 3R ZERO mature.
    Ovaries are done...
    DE IVF ER - 12/2/2016 (17R/10F = 8 frosties); FET 1.0 (1/27/2017) - BFP 6dp5dt (EDD 10/16/2017)
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