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Buying home/Storage space

Hi everyone! DH and I are getting ready to buy our first home. I swear his priorities are so skewed. He's insisting on a "larger" house and one with a basement so we have storage space. We are expecting our first baby in February, but honestly we don't have THAT much stuff that would need storing!! (In a basement, anyway). We've finally compromised on a house that we want to put an offer on..but I'm just realizing there are NO storage/linen closets upstairs!! Every single other house we've looked at (even the ones that DH thinks are "too small" and "without enough storage") have a linen closet in the bathroom and/or storage closets in the hall. This house has neither and the bathroom is tiny! There's also a window above the toilet so we couldn't even get one of those shelving unit thins to put above it.

How important would this be to you all when house hunting?? I think it's a serious issue...especially since DH seems to think this is the house we'll be in for the next 20 years!!

If ya'll don't think it's a serious issue, what are your suggestions?? There is no room in the bathroom to out towels in a basket or anything like that. I also can't think of a way to renovate the upstairs to add a closet, but maybe that just requires a contractor coming in and helping me see the light.

I feel a little crazy for stressing over this since we haven't even actually placed the offer on the house yet, and who knows if everything would work might not even end up being ours! Thanks for listening to me vent/rant and for any input!

Re: Buying home/Storage space

  • Is there wall space next to the toilet, or around the mirror to put up shelves, a wine rack, or to hang baskets?  Maybe above the door frame?  In our last apartment, we bought a very tall, skinny tower to place towels and extra toilet paper.  There are also storage options for hanging things on the inside of the bathroom door.  A lot of old houses that we viewed had cabinets built above the shower - they aren't the easiest to access, but they do provide storage space for spare towels or other bath items.

    Here are a few ideas that I found online.  I'm sure there are a lot more options available, and you might find some that you like. 
    If I otherwise loved the house, it wouldn't be a deal breaker for me.  There were a few things that I was stubborn about getting/avoiding, but not many. 
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