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I have been to HELL and back

Doctor called yesterday and told me my pg wasn't viable.  My numbers didn't make sense and she wasn't helpful.  She said that it wasn't possible.  Clearly I need a new DR.  Begged, pleaded, and cried for a US.  Finally got someone to listen to me.

Baby is measuring 2 days behind what I thought. No big deal. Strong heart beat was heard. Everything looks good.


Re: I have been to HELL and back

  • Jean9dsJean9ds member
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    Wow, 2 days is nothing to be off by! Especially if you hear a strong heartbeat. New doctor!

    I'm so glad everything seems to be doing okay!
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  • I'm glad to hear the baby is ok.  Good luck finding a new doctor.
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  • Am12712Am12712 member
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    That makes me so mad for you! Definitely find a new doctor! Did she happen to say what your second beta numbers were?

    I am so sorry that you've had to go trough all of this. I hope that the rest of this pregnancy is very non-eventful.

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  • Er doc said it was 6800.

    Monday- she said they were 5,000 something.  I told her that I had dropped, and she said no, you won't went up 100 points.  I told her the number he gave me, and she said he was wrong.  She said that when I tested in the ER it was 4,900 something.  I am really upset that I had to be put through all this. What if it was a MC?  I couldn't imagine going through this, and that.

    Sigh of relief!  

  • I am happy to hear this. I told you there was still a chance. You are going to deliver a beautiful healthy baby.
  • So happy you finally got answers and in the end it was good news. Def find a different doc.
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  • You def need a new doc. I'm glad everything is okay after all. I was really worried about you.
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  • I am so glad everything is okay! So how many weeks are you?

    Married the love of my life on 1-21-12. Our princess arrived on 5-28-13.
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  • I am 7 weeks this week.  But I am back to bleeding red clots again. With minimal cramping.

    I hate this!

  • Been thinking about you all week, Jen. Hugs!!!
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