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Update from me

edited May 2014 in Family Matters
The first half of the story:

That case with Bro may finally be winding down.

He found out at the end of last year what was going on. Legally, he was now on the hook for it.

(It took 2 and a half months for him to be served and after that, he asked for a postponement of 35 days; he needed more time to scrape up the money for a retainer)

What is going to happen: he and I are supposed to settle this between ourselves with both attorneys overseeing it.

His problem is that he thinks the case has been completely dismissed.  I had him gloating to me about this about a month ago: "The case is dismissed. You can t sue me anymore." Not so. No way is this case over. Either his attorney told him the wrong info or he just did not ask any questions.

If we can't settle the case between ourselves, then the house is sold and then the money goes into escrow while we duke it out how much in damages he owes me.  That is the last thing I want.

I want him to take the buyout and just go. That could happen shortly.

I had an appraiser here about a month ago to determine what this place is worth. And gee, Bro --- if you think this case is over, then why have I got a professional estimator here to assign a value to this home???

The second half of the story:

How Bro and GF have been behaving since the summons got to him.

I'm getting a lot of shittiness and passive aggressive behavior from the both of them, but that's no big surprise.

When she moved into his place she told me she was only staying until June. About the start of April, I asked her when she was going (I knew full well she lied to me about being gone by June; this was the purpose of my asking her) and she said "I have no intention of moving. I will be staying."

You don't go moving in all of your furniture and you don't go and revamp the entire apartment and make it to YOUR liking....if you are only going to be staying in that apartment for several short months. I knew from the start this was a lie, her staying until June. "She will be taking all the furniture with her when she goes," Bro said to me in October. if I believe that. (I cannot evict her; she is legally his part and parcel. So, GREAT. I could do nothing.)

I told her where that was at. And I let her know her lie was not warranted or needed and that she was full of shit in the first place. Not in those words, but I let her know that she didn't get away with lying, and neither did he.

It's like the 2 of them are doing as they wish; it's like "Gee we have nothing to lose anyway."  This is a real "Rome is burning anyway so who cares; we will act as we damn well please." I dislike Bro and her intensely and when this whole thing is legally finished, he's getting hell from me.

She was a paralegal at one point and if she doesn't even know what legally is happening here, she is dumber than I thought, or in denial about what' legally going on or both.

Either way he and she will not be living here much longer. By rights they should be looking for another place to live but that's not going to be MY problem. They will be evicted when the time comes.

I am biding my time and when it comes to shithead behavior, they aren't getting away with it. I'm not showing them I am a pushover. 

It's like they're nice one minute and when the next rolls around, it's a lot of nastiness and ire. What is this proving???

This place is like a hotel now -- I have noise in the very early hours and it's like nobody cares.

I still can't believe GF is living here considering all the trouble Bro is in with me. Some women just are not fussy and some women sure don't give a damn what kind of shithead their boyfriend is. You're living in somebody else's dirt, plus you don't think this disturbing that his sister is suing him???  This isn't just a little sibling disagreement. If you had a brain you'd have ditched him when you found out what was going on.

There are a ton of other problems with them that I am not going to go into now.  What matters is that I have done something about this legally and soon it is going to be over.


Re: Update from me

  • Ick. You have my sympathies. I hope it ends as well as it can, and fast.
  • Ick. You have my sympathies. I hope it ends as well as it can, and fast.
    I have kept conversation with him to a bare minimum since the early fall. It's better that way.
  • Certainly sounds like it, especially since attorneys have had to become involved. As far as his girlfriend is concerned... sometimes people put on blinders to their partner's atrocious behavior out of desperation. They really want things to "work" come hell or high water, and they don't (yet) realize that this may not happen no matter how badly they want it to. No one else can make her see that her boyfriend is a jerk.
  • I'm glad things are finally moving along, legally.  Here's hoping it'll end very soon!
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