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hey its Thursday!

I was sitting here trying to think of a dirty Wednesday post then I realize it's not Wednesday it's Thursday! Way better.

Except I habe wicked cramps and am in surgery today but hey I'll take it.

Degrea last Tuesday's storm blew off all the cherry blossoms downtown, but they are in full bloom out by us :-)

Jlq I do still love my hair! And I have received so many compliments it's nice.
DD born 1.25.15

Re: hey its Thursday!

  • Good morning!!! 

    Boooo for cramps!! Those are the worst.

    I'm going in for job shadowing this morning. Only 8-12. They would only let me do 4 hours at once, which is lame. I have to get 16 hours in by June 1st to get a point towards admission to my program. I've heard not so good things about this hospital for shadowing, either. My friends have told me the techs have been rude and not very nice when they've gone, so I'm not too happy. Oh well. 
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  • I hope it goes well Jlq! I will be optimistic they will be better for you :-)

    Omg these are some of the worst cramps I have ever had. I see why some people take a sick day. Must eat something. Must not lie down.
    DD born 1.25.15

  • Morning! In training all day. Hope you feel better Aggie. Hope it goes well JLQ, I saw the haircuts last night, super cute to both of you,
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  • Cramps are the worst! I've been having them off and on lately and fear my period returning. I am hoping for at least a few more months without that beotch!

    It's another beautiful day here. My sil came over with my nephew and we took all the kids to the park. It was great. Now everyone is tired so were watching the wiggles before lunch. Bad babysitter lol

  • I get cramps all the time now with my period and they are horrendous. Literally so bad I cry sometimes. It's awful!!! 

    I hope yours get better, Aggie!!

    Shadowing was alright...There were rad students there from the program for clinical so I basically just watched them do stuff. Like I didn't even watch the techs. I had some questions to ask for the paper I have to write and none of the techs wanted to answer my questions, that was kind of annoying. When I got there, the one tech says "oh you don't want to go into radiography. Run, run now!" Like gee thanks!! That's not something nice to say to a student. I think they're all just unhappy with that hospital. 

    I got $46 out of my clothes!! I said the other day I'd cleaned out my closet, well I brought the stuff to a resale shop and she bought most of it. She gives 40% of what she's going to sell it for, so that's pretty good I think! I was surprised she didn't take the one pair of jeans I had in there because they are really nice, but oh well. I'll probably just donate what she didn't take to salvation army or something. Now to get DH to clean out his closet!! 
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  • Nice! $46 is better than nothing! I need to start selling stuff. Or purging at least. I have stuff I've never worn that I'm holding onto. I also have stuff I haven't worn in years. One day I'll have time to do that.

    My one girl I watch isn't napping. She screams bloody murder if I put her down. Ds2 is in a needy stage where he needs to be held for naps so I'm holding him. I choose my own kid over others. She's walking around tired but won't sleep. Children! If you don't want your nap I'll take it gladly!

  • Seriously don't those kids know how valuable naps are?! 
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  • Echo that is what you get for them napping forever the other day ;-)

    I hope training went well Degrea.

    Jlq 3 more days of shadowing you will be fine! At least you had a student there kind of as a buffer.

    Crazy day at work. I got home and realized I didn't have a chance to pee since 10 am. Lol. I was shoveling food in between Appts.

    Wow I am so tmi today. Sorry friends :-P.
    DD born 1.25.15

  • Seriously! I shouldn't have complained!!

    I can't imagine not getting to pee for so long! I can barely hold it from snack to lunch time which is when I get to use the washroom.

  • Oh yes, having the students was awesome because they told me lots of stuff and let me ask crazy questions. I'm hoping I can get in the rest of my hours while the students are still around, because I think they take a couple weeks off before they go back for their summer clinical. 

    Aggie - When you realize you haven't gone to the bathroom in a long time do you then have to go SUPER bad? Because that happens to me. Like today, I went before I left for shadowing, then didn't get home until almost 2:30 and realized I hadn't peed all day since the morning and I had to run to the bathroom because I thought I'd burst. hahhahha. Maybe it's just me. I'm a crazy lady.

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    Jessica's book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (read shelf)
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