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Trying to clean out the filing cabinet....?

Hello all,

I am working on cleaning out the filing cabinet that is overflowing and I was wondering on how far back do you keep bills? Are there certain ones I don't need to worry about keeping at all? Just wondering how you all do this.


Re: Trying to clean out the filing cabinet....?

  • Typically, I don't keep anything past 1 year, and if a service has been terminated, I shred everything older than 6 months, as long as I have proof of cancellation. Don't throw anything tax-related out. You should keep those, as sometimes loans and mortgages require back taxes of up to 7 years. 

    It might be best for you to start keeping things digitally - saves room and trees, and you can organize it easily, too!
  • We actually keep everything from the past 2 years. Every year we throw out the old stuff and start a new section.

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  • for most things it's two years, except taxes i keep back 10 years. I think technically you only need 7 years for taxes, but because of a tax situation hubby ran into, I'm keeping things longer. Also any records for debits paid I'm keeping for a while to make sure I have documentation in case anything pops back up on our credit reports as being  unpaid. At least for a few years after they've been paid.

  • irkirk member
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    Most of my bills that I pay monthly I don't keep but a yr. Anything tax related stays 10 yrs to be safe. I also separate all insurances and warranties. Have a completely different file for investments etc...
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