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Manic Monday

Weekend highs

Weekend lows
Eliza Mae - September 16th, 2014

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Re: Manic Monday

  • Highs- Nothing

    Lows- Everything. Ugh I am so glad this house thing is amost over with.

  • uderin02uderin02 member
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    edited March 2014
    Highs - going down the beach and starting our cleaning and organizing.

    Lows - waking up at 430am yesterday puking and continuing to do so throughout the day. I'm now home sick today too
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  • Highs- went shopping at the outlets in Lancaster and got the kids a bunch of summer clothes.

    Lows- not too much. M got the cold A had last week so I've been dealing with his little miserable self all weekend.
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  • (hugs) Jill. It'll all be worth it soon!

    Highs - having energy again! And we ate out of lot, yummy, but bad for our wallets and waists. Divergent was awesome!

    Lows - nothing really. Just Jeff drove out to Ohio last night, so it's 2 nights without him until he gets back.
    Eliza Mae - September 16th, 2014

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  • Highs - We had a good weekend. I got a lot done. H's cousin had a baby! He was 6 weeks early but he's doing well.

    Lows - The stupid rain. Also, I tried to order some stuff from last night and, even though they charged my credit card twice, they have no record of my order. Thanks Sears.
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  • Highs: I had no plans for the weekend and got to sit around and watch a lot of Netflix in my pjs :)

    Lows: Instead of sitting around and doing nothing, I probably should have worked on some sewing projects I need to get done for the nursery, oh well, there's always next weekend!
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  • s517s517 member
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    Highs: Pretty much the whole weekend- it was really nice. Brunch ON SUNDAY was okay.

    Lows: I had an earache on Friday night, but now it's moved down the side of my neck. My friend (NP) thinks I have swollen glands, but I don't feel them- I just can't move my neck :/

  • Highs...lots of family time with DH and M. Hit up WalMart and got the stuff for M's Easter basket.

    Lows...the weather


  • High:) divergent, lots of time to relax

    Low: ben and I went to babies r us and bj's on Sunday and it wore me out hardcore. I need an entire weekend to do nothing, like stat. I did take a nap both Saturday and Sunday but Sundays nap left me feeling even worse. And just about everyone who I saw this weekend tok me I looked terrible and exhausted. Um thanks people.
  • High -  I saw Divergent, too!  Do we need a separate thread to discuss?

    Low - The weather.  And I just sort of felt blah all weekend.
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