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Clogged sink troubles!

Our bathroom sink has been VERY slow to drain the last couple months. My husband has cleaned out the hair and tried multiple different types of drain cleaner to no avail - it doesn't even really improve after the drain cleaner. It also occasionally has a mild sewage odor we can smell after running the water (gross). Any tips/suggestions? I'm thinking this may be a bigger problem further down in need of roto-rooting? We are renting at the moment while looking for a house and our landlord isn't great about timely maintenance. Any tips/suggestions would be appreciated - it's driving me nuts!

Re: Clogged sink troubles!

  • You may need to call in a plumber then. If you have notified your landlord and nothing has been done to remedy the problem within 20 days, you should be allowed to call in a contractor and pay them for the work. You are then able to deduct the cost of the work out of your monthly rent. Check your rental agreement to make sure that this is the right amount of time.  

    If it is stated in your agreement that this cannot be done, you should talk with someone from the Housing Authority, as smelling sewage after running water is a big cause for concern and your landlord could be penalized for not taking care of the problem.
  • Have you tried using strong drain cleaner and leaving it to sit overnight, then rinse with the hottest water possible?

    Has it always been like that? I wonder if it's vented properly. I would go with pp's suggestion regarding the land lord and weigh your frustration and how you want to proceed with how long you're going to be there. Good luck!
  • Nope, it's just been worse the past couple months. I will try the overnight thing w/drain cleaner otherwise I think we'll have to be a little more persistent w/the landlord. Thanks!
  • We did that with our shower drain after we first moved in band it made a world of difference. I think we did it two or three times, but it's been a year and we haven't had to do it again.

    Otherwise, yep, it is the landlords problem in the end.
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