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Ten Things Tuesday

Add your ten (more or less) things here!
Our Little Raspberry-Born 3/27/12
We Said I Do 09/06/09
We love our Frankie Dog (5yo pit) and our Paco Kitty Dx Endo 12/09 Lupron 3/10-9/10 BFP 08/11 Bday 3/27/12 Lap Surgery 2/26/13

Re: Ten Things Tuesday

  • 1. I admire DH so much. We were awarded temporary physical custody of his son (hoping it will turn to permanent this week) and his BSC ex is doing everything she can to make her son hate his father. He is handling everything so well and somehow managing to stay calm. Meanwhile, I need stitches on my tongue from biting it so hard.

    2. I'm so relieved my u/s went well today. We have to wait for official word from the doc, but the tech made me feel much better.

    3. Also relieved that LO is still a girl (I had a nightmare that they were wrong)! The tech even pointed out all her bits to prove how sure she was lol.

    4. I literally cannot get enough sweets and I'm now terrified for my glucose test next month.

    5. My sister is coming to visit next weekend. I can't wait to see her and my nieces!!!

    6. I hope we close on the new house before then so they can at least see the "before."

    7. My sister is bringing my shower invitations with her so I can see. She said I'm going to die. I can't wait!!!

    8. Our wedding photographer emailed me today saying she will have the memory stick with the digital pics on it in the mail tomorrow. We only got married in August; no rush! /sarcasm. Honestly, I know she's a perfectionist and she's really proud of them, so I'm excited to see and not too bothered that we had to wait this long. She also sent a huge canvas print of our favorite picture as a gift, so I can't complain!

    9. By the time LO gets here, I will have moved to another state, gotten married, bought a house (FX!), and had a baby all within a little over a year. Man, we've been busy!

    10. Seriously, how is it only Tuesday???
  • @bridget0117 make a pizza!! I love nights that my H and I made pizza at home
  • @amccul20 I have no idea how to make a pizza :(
  • @amccul20 I have no idea how to make a pizza :(

    you could just buy a premade dough at the grocery store, some pizza sauce, cheese, and whatever other toppings you want and follow the instructions on the box!  you can get kits to make it at the store too.

    when we make them we always just throw on whatever leftover meat what have in the buffalo chicken, BBQ chicken, pepperoni, sometimes its just a cheese pizza.

    or you could but a California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizza from the store and pop that in the oven. those are yummy!

    once you get the basics down the options are endless!!

  • I will have to try it @amccul20. Now I need to go to the store to buy some dough.

    Thanks for the idea :)
  • I will have to try it @amccul20. Now I need to go to the store to buy some dough. Thanks for the idea :)
    no problem @bridget0117 . it really is super easy. and you can get dough that is already in the correct shape so you dont have to roll it out. or get like a canned roll of dough next to where you would buy croisants or cinnamon buns.
  • Aaaaand now I want pizza. Thanks, guys!
  • 1. I have absolutely loved this pregnancy. It has been so easy for me and have really felt pretty good the whole time. So thankful for that!

    2. April 29th cannot come soon enough...I can't wait for the A/S to see LO again.

    3. I made it to 4th quarter....this has been a rough school year.

    4. I hate how much DH is working, I know he's busy and don't want to stress him out further by complaining but it makes me sad. 

    5. I took at hour and a half nap this evening, I really hope it doesn't screw with my sleep tonight!

    6. I have the best dog...I love her, she's my best friend.

    7. I feel guilty that we've been eating out so much. I just do not feel like cooking. 

    8. We're going to see Divergent tomorrow, can't wait!

    9. I wish I had an at-home doppler but I'm afraid I'd get obsessed with it so it's probably best I don't have one. 

    10. I am ready to start feeling the baby move. I know it could still be a while longer (I'm 14w2d), but I can't wait to feel that! 

    TTC #1 Since October 2012
    DX PCOS May 2013
    Clomid 50-150mg- No Response
    Moved to RE October 2013
    Nov. 2013: IUI #1 Letrozole + Ovidrel = BFN
    Dec. 2013: IUI #2 Letrozole + Ovidrel= BFP on 1/8/2014 !! EDD 9/22/2014
    Beta #1 (12 dpo): HCG 27, Progesterone 15 (starting on supplements)
    Beta #2 (15 dpo): HCG 297, Progesterone 29
    Beta #3 (17 dpo): HCG 667, Progesterone 34
    1st Ultrasound 1/28 (6 weeks + 1) Baby measuring exactly as it should, HB 118!
    2nd Ultrasound 2/5 Baby measuring 7w4d, HB 133. Everything looks perfect!

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