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Hubby is a bad kisser :(

I love my husband. We've been together since 2007 and were just married last year. And I don't mind kissing him. It's just that he's kisser! I prefer for kisses to be soft and slow. And sometimes heated, passionate kisses are nice. But he only has this one mode where he thrusts his tongue into my mouth and thrashes it around. I've mentioned to him to be more gentle, but I don't think he gets it. And I don't want to hurt his feelings by bringing it up repeatedly. It's just that it's hard to even make out with him because the tongue thrashing is so awkward. Help!!!

Re: Hubby is a bad kisser :(

  • He's been doing this since you've known him.

    Way back then you should have done one of 2 things:

    Kindly and gently tell him you like him but he kisses too hard
    Move on and find a guy who can kiss.

    A tongue like a sledgehammer doesn't do it. You'll have to find some way to show him or tell him what to do and do so in a constructive way. GL.
  • Communicate 


    to him
  • Communication is key girlfriend.  [-X
  • OtterJOtterJ member
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    I know this is several months old, but I just now read it. I read your post, and started laughing hysterically. My husband not only thrashes, but he does this weird thing where it's no longer even a kiss.... He's sword fighting my teeth. I love him, and he is really great at other things, but kissing just isn't his forte. I have told him that he kisses weird, and I often try to describe, or demonstrate a different way to kiss. He's wonderful, and has taken my laughter and kissing requests very well. He tries, and it has actually gotten better, although it's still not quite "there" yet. We'll keep practicing! For the most part though, we stick to pecks...lots and lots of pecking. We're like birds. I can understand not wanting to hurt his feelings, but you should be able to enjoy kissing your husband! Make your requests gently, and kindly, and have fun practicing. Lots and lots of practice! My husband is sitting nest to me, and he asked me why I burst into laughter. This comment was posted with his approval!
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