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Happy Presidents Day!

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Enjoy your day off for those of you that get it!

I will be picking up the house like I do normally, and getting our taxes done. 

GTKY-Who is your favorite president?

GTKY 2- Do you think President Obama is doing well the second time around?  *no disrespectful comments here on others political beliefs. * 

Re: Happy Presidents Day!

  • Happy President's Day! I have the day off from work, but, I'm sick with the flu again. It's been going around bad and working at a gas station...I tend to get it. I've been washing my hands like crazy and all that but I still managed. I feel better-ish than I did a few hours ago though.

    GTKY One: I think Gerald Ford has to be my favorite.  He's from Grand Rapids, which is about a half hour away from my hometown.

    GTKY Two: Um, I honestly am not sure. I don't keep up much with politics and whatnot. I can see both sides though.

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  • Day off, but I don't know why. I seem to have a better schedule for my days off lately, than my days on. 

    GTKY one: don't really know. Don't have a favorite per se. 

    GTKY two: I think considering the crap that congress as a whole is pulling, yes. There isn't anyone who could do anything with the bickering, regardless of party, because as a group they act like children. Plus, while it is a more functioning figure than that of the queen of England, I don't feel like the President is that much more than a figure head. Yes he can check the power of congress, but he can't do anything without them, and they technically have more power. 
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  • GTKY-Who is your favorite president?
    I think in my lifetime it has to be Clinton, but as history is told I love what a few others have helped this country accomplish.
    GTKY 2- Do you think President Obama is doing well the second time around? *no disrespectful comments here on others political beliefs. *
    I am sad to say this government is in a lot of trouble. We are in a big mess that no president will be able to clean up on his own.
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