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Update on my appointment today (long)

islandmonkey8islandmonkey8 member
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Just got back from my appointment with my RE. We discussed basically two options at this point since the femara didn’t work the second round. We would be skipping over TI and going to IUI next with both options because it will give us the best odds.

The first is straight injects/trigger/IUI. The second is slower and slightly less OOP (whatever insurance doesn’t cover) with clomid/injects/trigger/IUI.

Obviously, my first question when he mentioned clomid again was why. I asked why we would use clomid at all if I didn’t respond the first 3 times. He said the reason to use clomid is so we can go slowly. The clomid would not be expected to do all the work, just get things moving and add in injects. He explained that this way I would be less likely to overstim and lose out on a cycle.

This then made me ask what happens if I do overstim – cycle gets cancelled. They do not convert to IVF that late in the cycle. Fine by me, at least I know this ahead of time.

So before I go and explain every detail of my appointment as I already have started to, I’ll let you ladies know what is next for us and see if you have an opinions/suggestions.  We are going to do the first option because I’d prefer to reduce the chance of overstiming. So I will be doing CD3 monitoring/bloodwork, clomid CD3-7, monitoring CD8, 150 Bravelle starting CD8, monitoring every day or every other day until Ovidrel trigger, 36 hours later is IUI.

I had 6 viles of blood taken today, did a financial sitdown for OOP costs, and did a nurse teaching sessions for how to do the injects at home. More than I was scheduled for but when I told my RE I already finished Provera he wanted to get this part done so I don’t risk missing out on this next cycle. DH will go in tomorrow morning to get some bloodwork done as well.

I’m trying to take this all in, I’m also trying not to forget anything since I have to explain everything to DH tonight. We have a plan, and I was expecting to have renewed hope with it, but I’m not experiencing it yet.

I want to also thank you all for being around the last year, following all of your journeys helped me to understand a lot more today then I ever would have otherwise. <3

ETA: I just remembered (not that it matters much), but once IUI is done they will start me on progesterone suppositories... ew.

TTC 24 months, IUI #3 BFP 6/4/14 Beta 6/5 58, 6/9 508, 6/11 1227 TWINS! EDD 2/15/15
With heavy hearts, we said goodbye to our precious angels on 8/12 at 13 weeks 2 days.
IVF #1 Lup/Brav/Meno, ER 11/28 10R/10F, ET "Rudolph" 4AA embryo 12/3, 7 frosties.
BFP! Betas: 12/12 225, 12/15 706, 12/17 1512. EDD 8.21.15
12/29 hb 120. 1/5 perfect, GRAD DAY! 1/15 perfect at OB. NT 2/6 PERFECT, HB 158!

Baby Girl born 8.9.15 at 38.2 due to IUGR 4lb7.8oz 17" 
Our princess is being watched over by her older siblings every day <3

Re: Update on my appointment today (long)

  • It sounds like you got a lot of great information and a plan that will hopefully work really well for you guys.

    I've obviously got no advice/experience to offer for this situation, but I'm crossing everything this approach is the answer!
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    B/w 1/8: betas 17,345, progesterone 25.6
    Progesterone suppositories started 1/2. Please stick, baby!!
    Fiona Elise born 9/9/14 - welcome beautiful girl!
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  • Wishing you so much luck! My door is always open if you have any questions as you start down this road.
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    Dx PCOS August 2012
    Clomid x4 = BFN
    Femara+Follistim IUIs x 6 = 3 BFN, 2 C/P, 1 early miscarriage
    IVF June 2014- 43 R, 34 M, 24 F, 12 blasts frozen and severe OHSS
    FET September 12, 2014!
    Beta #1 12dp5dt- 724
    Beta #2 14dp5dt- 1631
    Beta #3 20dp5dt- 12,813
    EDD 5/31/15 until OB tells me otherwise. Grow babies grow!

    "I might have to wait. I'll never give up. I guess it's half timing, and the other half's luck. 
    Wherever you are, whenever it's right, you'll come out of nowhere and into my life." ~ Michael Buble


  • GL! It sounds like you got all your questions answered.

    My TI/IUI cycles were the same. Clomid/Bravelle/Ovidrel followed by suppositories. My doses were lower though because I already ovulate on my own. Let me know if you have any questions!

    dx:  Unexplained IF (mild MFI)

     TTC since May 2011, 1 year trying, and then 3 TI, 2 IUI = BFN

    IVF #1 (May 2013):  Antagonist Protocol: 
    24R, 18M, 15F w/ICSI; 5dt of 2 early blasts, no frosties = BFN
    IVF #2 (August 2013):  Lupron Stop Protocol: 
    28R, 23M, 15F w/ICSI; 5dt of 1 partially hatched blast, 7 frosties = BFP
    EDD 5/23/14, blighted ovum (6w6d), D&C (8w6d)
    FET #1 (April 2014):  transferred 2 5d blasts = BFP

    C.J. born 01/09/15

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  • No advice, but I hope this plan works wonderfully for you!

    TTC since 1/13  DX:PCOS 5/13 (long, anovulatory cycles)
    Clomid 50mg 9/13 = BFP! EDD 6/7/14 M/C 5w6d Found 11/4/13
    1/14 PCOS / Gluten Free Diet to hopefully regulate my system. 
    Chemical Pregnancy 03/14
    Surprise BFP 6/14, Beta #1: 126 Beta #2: 340  Stick baby, stick! EDD 2/17/15
    Riley Elaine born 2/16/15

    TTC 2.0   6/15 
    Chemical Pregnancy 9/15 
    Chemical Pregnancy 6/16
    BFP 9/16  EDD 6/3/17
    Beta #1: 145 Beta #2: 376 Beta #3: 2,225 Beta #4: 4,548 
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  • Sounds like a great plan!!!

    Cheering on all of my 3T ladies!  DX with PCOS - 11/2012 DH S/A & HSG - Normal - Too many rounds of Clomid = BFNs - New RE 5/2014 - Repeat Testing - Losing 40lbs before injects/IUI


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  • No advice from me either, but I wish you the best of luck!!!
  • Good luck!
  • Wishing you lots of luck with this cycle!
    Newest blog post 4/23/15

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  • Good luck!  I am glad you have a plan and hope it works for you this cycle!!
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    ~TTC Buddies with akcrrr and amandaf6383~
    ~Knottie/Nestie Besties with *ecinereb* - Congratulations!~
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    Clomid+IUI: Cancelled b/c didn't respond (June 2012)
    Femara+Trigger+IUI #1: BFN :-( (July 2013)
    Natural Cycle (8/7/13)- BFP!  Beta #1 (9/10/13): 509 Progesterone: 18.64  Beta #2 (9/12/13): 1118
    Baby N born 5/9/14
  • I'm glad you have a solid plan in place! Good luck!

    In Christ alone my hope is found. He is my LIGHT, my STRENGTH, and my SONG!

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    T-TTC since Dec 2008. PCOS/nonexistant cycles(anovulation) and endo. HSG in '10 revealed both tubes blocked. Lap surgery in Dec '10 to correct. Failed Clomid/IUI and injectable(Bravelle)/IUI cycles so far.  


  • I'm glad you have a plan. When we decided to do the IUI, I found all of the information very overwhelming.  Feel free to ask questions...many of us have done this before! 
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    TTC Since January 2011 - We have bad sperm 
    February 2013: IUI #1 = BFN 
    October 2013: We made the decision to stop TTC and live without children.

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  • Good luck!

    TTC since August 2011
    Cycle 8,9,10 - 50mg Clomid - BFN
    Cycle 11, 100 mg Clomid & IUI#1- BFP 2/23/13 - m/c 4/2/13 @ 9w2d
    Cycle 13, 100 mg Clomid & IUI#2 - BFP 6/27/13 - CP
    Met with an awesome new RE in September 2013 new plan: 5mg Femera & IUI #3
    Surprise Natural BFP 9/9/13 - Welcomed our baby boy 5/25/14

    TTC Buddies with *noelcallum* - Congratulations!
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  • Sounds like a good plan! Good luck, I hope this does the trick!

     ~ S & L 8-25-12  ~
  • I'm so glad you have a plan in action! GL with your IUI cycle!!

    imageMags's book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (read shelf)
    TTC 19 months ~Started RE in March 2014~
    DH was not ready for IUI so we waited
    ~Started acupuncture in  May 2014~

    ~~BFP 7/6/14~~~EDD 3/14/15~~It's a girl!!~~
  • I'm wishing you lots of luck this cycle!!!
  • Good luck!!!
    Married: 10/13/2013
    TTC #1: Mirena removed 5/26/2015; DH - normal SA, me - diagnosed with PCOS 8/4/2016 - on Metformin;
    BFP - 10/29/2016!!!, EDD - 7/8/2017
  • I have no advice or experience to share, but I wanted to say good luck!!!! my fingers are still crossed for you!!
  • I don't have much to add, but I hope this is the cycle for you! It sounds like you have a good plan in place, and it's great that your RE was able to fit in all that other stuff so you don't have to wait for another cycle. FX!!! Definitely keep us posted!

    TTC since 3/2012 
    DH - 36; nml swimmers; Me - 36; almost no AMH (last 0.081), low AFC, nml FSH/LH
    Clomid + IUI #1 (6/2013) - BFN; #2 (7/2013) - BFFN
    IVF 1.0 5R/5F/2T (ET 6/11/2014) - no frosties, but BFP 8dp5dt (EDD 3/1/2015) 
    Lost our sweet baby boy, Lincoln Alexander 10/3/2014 (19w)
    IVF 2.0 - ER 3/25/2015 - 3R ZERO mature.
    Ovaries are done...
    DE IVF ER - 12/2/2016 (17R/10F = 8 frosties); FET 1.0 (1/27/2017) - BFP 6dp5dt (EDD 10/16/2017)
  • Well. I'm glad you have a plan and some renewed hope. Fx this is it!

           Me: All Normal DH: .5% Morph
    Cycles 1-14 (Natural) all BFN
                                  Starting IUI#1 procedures Nov '13
                          IUI Cxl'd due to surprise natural BFP 11/1/13
            Calvin born on June 19th, 2014 via emergency c-section at 3lbs7oz
  • Good luck!
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  • I don't much else to add, but I always think of each ART cycle as just "a thing I have to do," and I'm very matter-of-fact. It's the best way I've dealt with the emotion of it all. I have my fingers crossed that this is THE plan!
    TTC #1 since Feb. '12. dx: "unexplained" IF
    After 2 shitty IVF cycles and 1 loss at 6+2 (EDD 11/7/14), DH and I are pursuing DIA.
    11/17/2014 - ACTIVE AND WAITING!
    Pregnancy was never the end goal; being a mom was.
    I've been holding out on GP: I got drunk once and started a blog: Here it is (11/7 update)

  • Good luck! Crossing everything for you!

    my read shelf:
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  • Glad you have a plan! Good luck!
    Congrats to my TTC buddy Madeline! Cheering for all the strong 3T ladies! 

    TTC since March 2012; DX: PCOS 4/2013 
    BFP 7/6/2013; EDD 3/6/2014 
    Diagnosed with Pre-E: 2/15/201
    Emergency induction: 2/16/2014
    Baby E born: 2/16/2014 at 12:56pm. 5lb 15oz

  • Good luck! I like it. :)

    Also, the suppositories are a billion times better than the IM injections. They are kind of gross but you'll get used to them.

    I'm so hopeful for you!
    IUI - BFP! Baby boy born still - August 2012
    IVF - BFP - miscarriage June 2013
    FET - BFN
    FET - BFN
    Switched clinics
    IVF with PGD - three embryos created, all healthy - July 2014
    FET - transferred two embryos (boy and girl) - Nov 2014 - BFP!
    Baby Boy born July 2015

  • I'm glad to hear you had a productive appointment. Tons of luck to you this cycle! I really hope this is it for you!


    "You know you're in love when you don't want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams." - Dr. Seuss

    TTC #1 August 2014. BFP 9/26! EDD 6/9/15
    Baby A born 6/17/2015
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