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Who had this in their signature?

Does anyone know offhand who had the "subclinical hypothyroidism dx" in their sig?  I've been on the look out for them because I would like to PM them some questions. :)
08/13: Started TTC  - 07/14: PCOS dx
BFP 09/18/15 - Baby S 05/27/16

Re: Who had this in their signature?

  • I have regular hypothyroidism (took a while for them to decide to treat me, but I have been having my levels checked since high school)... feel free to message me if you want! I'll try to help!

    Lilypie - XkBoLilypie - WuYI
    Me(27) PCOS, Hypothyroidism & Incompetent Cervix  DH(29) Azoospermia
    4/11- 12/11 Provera, 3 cycles clomid 50mg, all BFN (HSG-all clear)
    Dec 2011 DH S/A shows zero count - dx Azoo
    TESE 4/13/12 - Sperm found!! 5 viles frozen
    IVF ICSI #1- (Lupron protocol) 5R 2F 2dt- 2DP & 4CF - BFFN
    IVF ICSI #2-  (Antagonist protocol) Started stims 7/26
    ER 8/8 11R 9F 3dt - 9BF & 7BF (+HPT 8dp3dt)beta 1-184 beta 2- 1699 TWINS! EDD 5/1/13
    <312/9 Joshua David and Zoe Faith born too early at 19w4d due to incompetent cervix <3
    Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers
      LAP Transabdominal Cerclage - 4/15/13 only possibility of carrying my children to term
    IVF ICSI #3.2- (Antagonist Protocol) 7/26 start stims (same day, a year later from J & Z's stim start date!)
    ER - 8/7  19R 9F 3dt of 2 8BF embryos. (+ HPT 7dp3dt) Beta #1- 82.8 Beta #2- 821 Beta 3-7254
    9/11/13 - U/S showed 1 baby HR 135bpm! EDD 4/30/14
    Colin born via c/s 4/7/14 (36w5d) 6lbs 14oz - 8 days in the NICU
    TTC #2 - IVF 4 - July 2015 (Antagonist Protocol) 7/10 start stims
    15R 8F 5dt of 1E blast grade BA & 1 blast to freeze!! (+hpt 6dp5dt)
    beta #1-52 beta #2-62 Beta #3-6.5 - CP
    FET - 9/18/15 (+hpt 5dp5dt) beta #1 -225.1 beta #2-2468 beta #3-21,352
    10/29 - U/S shows 1 bean! HR 151 EDD 6/7/16 It's a BOY!
    5/18/16 Jacob born via c/s (37w 1d) 9lbs .8oz 19in - 6 days in the NICU


  • dx:  Unexplained IF (mild MFI)

     TTC since May 2011, 1 year trying, and then 3 TI, 2 IUI = BFN

    IVF #1 (May 2013):  Antagonist Protocol: 
    24R, 18M, 15F w/ICSI; 5dt of 2 early blasts, no frosties = BFN
    IVF #2 (August 2013):  Lupron Stop Protocol: 
    28R, 23M, 15F w/ICSI; 5dt of 1 partially hatched blast, 7 frosties = BFP
    EDD 5/23/14, blighted ovum (6w6d), D&C (8w6d)
    FET #1 (April 2014):  transferred 2 5d blasts = BFP

    C.J. born 01/09/15

    image image
  • Thanks both of you!
    08/13: Started TTC  - 07/14: PCOS dx
    BFP 09/18/15 - Baby S 05/27/16
  • Lots of girls have this, myself included. What are your questions?
  • It's the subclinical part that I was most curious about - I have a family history of hypothyroidism, and at my physical I got a blood test done for it because my doc could feel my thyroid very easily, as well as because my cycles suddenly have gotten longer (which I know could also be because I'm still adjusting post-BC).  My levels were within normal range, but my Free T4 was on the lower side and my TSH has definitely risen over past results.

    I was just curious at what factors in to a subclinical diagnosis?  What symptoms would I be displaying even if levels are in a normal range?  Due to the family history, I really want to stay on top of this.
    08/13: Started TTC  - 07/14: PCOS dx
    BFP 09/18/15 - Baby S 05/27/16
  • From my understanding of it,and perhaps I'm wrong, sub clinical means they are treating it due to circumstance not because you are way out of normal range. Most REs/ OBs like to see your range between 1-3. hypothyroidism can affect your ability to get pregnant.
  • Like @BruinsBabe33 said, my levels are slightly elevated (my levels were like 3.14 or something before I started getting treated). My RE likes to see levels at or below 2 for pregnancy, as there is some evidence that shows anything above that can cause miscarriages. Because I had 3 miscarriages, my RE suspects my thyroid may have been the culprit, but obviously we will never know for sure.

    Incidentally, from what I understand, once you are diagnosed with subclinical hypothyroidism, you are almost guaranteed to get full-blown hypothyroidism at some point in your life. I'm at an even more elevated risk for this because my problem probably stems from getting radiation treatments on my neck and sternum when I was 22.

    Hope this helps!
     image image
    TTC Since May 2011
    DX: Subclinical Hypothyroidism
    BFP #1: 11/21/2011. EDD: 8/4/2012. Missed M/C & D&C at 11w6d: 1/20/2012.
    BFP #2: 5/24/2012. EDD: 2/2/2013. Natural M/C at 6w0d: 6/9/2012.
    BFP #3: 12/6/2012. EDD: 8/19/2013. Missed M/C at 9w0d: 1/14/2013.
    BFP #4: 4/20/2013. EDD: 1/1/2014. Born at 36w3d: 12/7/2013
    BFP #5: 3/25/2015: EDD: 12/8/2015.
    Lilypie - (IDGc)

  • Thank you @BruinsBabe33 & @skreedrake!  Those were my basic questions but if I think of any more I hope you don't mind getting a PM or two (same goes for @thecuddleeffect).
    08/13: Started TTC  - 07/14: PCOS dx
    BFP 09/18/15 - Baby S 05/27/16
  • I don't mind! Just page me if you do send me one because I am usually on mobile.
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