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GTKY: Valentine's

What are you getting your H? What does he normally get you?

Re: GTKY: Valentine's

  • He gets me flowers and does something romantic. He always surprises me. I usually get or make him a card. One year I did 14 cards and last year I did 14 days of love with little gifts and surprises.
  • We don't do much for Valentine's Day. Our first one I tried to cook and completed ruined the dinner and it was too late to go anywhere so we just went to KFC and made a picnic on the floor so we have continued that tradition for 7 years. We try not to eat fast food so its a nice treat! ha!
    "Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly"
  • We're pretty boring. Sometimes we'll go out to eat if a restaurant is offering a good deal, but most of the time I just cook something nice. 

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  • We'll probably go for supper and that will be about it.
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  • We don't really do much. We have in the past but I guess the romance has died ;)
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  • Usually we celebrate the day after so it's not so crowded. This year H's aunt and uncle offered to babysit so we are going to dinner. I'm getting H a new Wii golf game. He usually does flowers and candy for me sometimes more like last year.
  • I actually asked h on my lunch break. Want to do anything for valentines day? He looked at me and said supper? I looked at the calendar and was like hey! It's on a Friday, supper out anyway! (Friday is our usual dinner out day) Lol we're so romantic.
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  • this year im getting hubby a shaving kit with the lather brush, straight razor, a bowl and a strop. Hes wanted it for years.
  • We don't really do Valentine's day gifts. I think it's kind of a silly holiday :|

    H might get me flowers but I don't ever expect anything from him. We don't make a big deal about it in our house though.

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