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GTKY: Pantry

What items do you always have in your pantry?

Re: GTKY: Pantry

  • Nothing terribly exciting or unusual. Pasta, rice, canned tomatoes, beans, salsa, granola bars. I'm sure there's more but that's what comes to mind off the top of my head. I try to be good an only buy what we'll use over the next week or two so we don't have too much on hand. 

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  • Right now we don't have a pantry.

    It is one of the things H and I are both really excited about in the new house. It will be big enough for us to keep our larger counter top appliances (mixer, H has a deli meat slicer, etc.) And also for food.

    Right now, we use cabinets, and usually have snacks (popcorn, etc), rice, beans, pasta, cereal and soups.


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  • Our coat closet is our pantry...haha it's the only spot close to the kitchen with room to put shelves in so we did. It's got all our canned foods cereal snack food and recycling and shopping bags as well as extras like paper towels sunscreen and cleaning stuff
  • We always have mashed potatos, rice, beans, chips, snacks and cereal. And then we always have lots of cans like tomato sauce, chili, veggies, beans, and soups. Of course our breakfast items like pancakes, syrup, and muffin mix.
  • I don't have an actual pantry... so sad. However, I usually have, on hand, various types of pasta, canned tomatoes, rice, canned peppers, flour and sugar, baking powder and baking soda, and chocolate chips.
  • We always have pasta in our pantry.. And along with tea. Bread, and always some kind of chipS

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