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Who actually is happy with their In Laws??


Re: Who actually is happy with their In Laws??

  • I love my in laws for the most part. The only one I don't really like his one of his sisters (he has 3 older sisters). I just hate the way she takes care of her son. She also reminds me of my sister and my sister and I don't really get along. We're too different. So there are clashing personalities there. 

    It's my family I actually have issues with, always have, always will. I wish I had his family!
  • I love my SIL (neither of us had sisters, so we've become real sisters), BIL, and FIL. And I love my MIL, but I don't like her. She's a belligerent drunk and is verbally abusive and cruel to me and my husband, as well as to my FIL and BIL. I just can't stand her no matter how hard I try. I love all my other ILs though :)
  • I'm happy with my ILs.  They're a hoot.
  • My In-Laws live across the country so we don't have very much involvement but I do like them. We don't really have a close relationship but we are friendly towards each other and they don't pry into our business. They don't ask when we are going to have kids or make us feel intruded on so that is nice. My poor DH though... we live close to my family and I have a large family.
  •  i love my inlaw to be ,they take me as their child so i dnt have an issue

  • DH's parents are almost a clone of my own, so we get along great! He's got 2 aunts that if I don't see them on a visit, it doesn't break my heart any, and his mom's side of the family is a bit whack (thankfully, we only see them once a year), but most visits mean only seeing his parents, sister & her brood, and his grandma, which I'm totally ok with. 

  • I love my husbands family! His mother has been long out of the picture (she is/was a little nuts) and my FIL has a long term girlfriend (I love her too much for words!). 
    My H great-grandfather and grandfather are both so loving to us and write us snail mail even though we live about 45 minutes away from each other. I do wish we were able to see them more often than just the Sunday dinners. 
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    I get along great with my in-laws.  My MIL is a wonderful independent woman who lives her own life and lets other people live their's.  She gives great advice, but is not pushy about it.  She loves her son and me, and treats us like adults.  My FIL is a very loving man, but can be a bit cling at times in regards to DH. (We think it might stem from FIL's troubled relationship with his own father)  A couple of DH's cousins annoy me with their superior attitude, but I don't see them much.  My BIL (my sister's husband) is like the brother I never had growing up.  DH and BIL also get along great.  I feel very blessed to have such great in-laws.
  • I am very much in love with my in-laws!! I couldn't be more happy with how much support I get from them. They treat me as if I am their own child. 
  • I love my in laws! they are amazing people. Since i first met them they have always spoiled us with sweetness, food and gifts. When we bought our first home they came over every weekend to help us move in and remodel. My parents are amazing as well we are both very lucky to have a very nice family. Exception my brother is a buzz kill he is super negative and always knows how to ruin a nice event with his negative re-marks. Unfortunately my side of the family has a lot of mean, negative, rude people so its quite embarrassing. But i have no choice but to have them around to avoid more negativity and bad energy :( what to do?. Besides that im so blessed to have an amazing man and in laws who love me.
  • Oh gawd.  When we started dating, DH's Mom was the crazy one.  Now mine is.  I get along with my MIL but in the beginning it wasn't easy or even a bit later on.  She is not involved in my SS's life very often which bothers us considering how close she lives to us/him.  And a few years back there were always comments about how she didn't want DH and I to have kids because she didn't "want to go through that again" (BM & SS situation) acting as if I had a plan to divorce DH and take his (hypothetical) children away.  This coming from someone, as I said, who never makes the time to see my SS.  We are good now.  Neither of us is insanely close to her or anything and we like it that way.  Now if only we could get my Mom to back off a bit that would be good.  (Some switch just flipped in her a few years ago.  She drives us CRAZY!)  

    I thank God every day that I was blessed with step-in-laws, if that's what you even call them.  DH's bio-Dad died when he was a baby.  He has 3 siblings, 2 of which have the same Dad and this man is who he/we call Dad.  I absolutely love his wife as well.  DH doesn't call her his step-Mom but she has been around since his siblings were young.  We get along great and they are very involved in our and my SS's life despite living so far away from us and neither being actually biologically related to my DH.  (Blood isn't always thicker than water!)  ;)      
  • I like my in-laws! They are great people and have never been pushy but at the same time have been supportive. While my husband was away at boot camp I was a mess. It was the first time we were separated for longer than a couple of days and I was sad. I lived with my in-laws and they were there and my MIL even pushed me to get out of the house! I am thankful for that. When we visit, she goes out of her way to get my favorite fruit and has always been so nice to me. My FIL is a very quiet man but when he cracks a joke it is a riot! My BIL and SIL are very funny and we talk a lot even online. It is hard because we live so far away but they are a great family.
  • I do not hate my inlaws.  I can't say that I even dislike my inlaws.  

    I do not like and sometimes hate their actions, but I temper that with a bit of understanding of them and the knowledge that they cannot control me. 

    My MIL does not like me though.  From the day I met her, literally 30 minutes into the meeting, I showed her that I would not be cowed by her inappropriate behavior AND would actually call her out on it.  

    She has always gone through life using the excuses "that is the way she is" and "I call it like I see it.".  And for the most part people let it go because it was easier to ignore her and go on with their day or excuse it because her husband left her with three kids and she had to work hard...

    But I DON'T put up with bad manners, rudeness, or downright meanness hidden in telling it like it is.  I was a lobbyist at a young age.  If I could find my backbone on the hill, with the OLD Boys Club, I sure as heck could handle a woman who had the audacity to bad mouth (i mean nasty names and everything) her grandchildren's mother right in front of them...after not seeing them in over a year. 

    And my husband, he knew what he was marrying and not only has stood up for us, but has no problem letting me handle her.  
  • My relationship with my ILs is pretty complicated.  They used to dislike me, but have evolved to the knowledge that I'm not going anywhere.  So now, I sometimes find myself liking them more than my own parents!
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  • I love my ILs. My MIL sometimes gets on my nerves (usually stupid things, like insisting that she wash our daughters stuffed animal every time she stays the point that our daughter now says "bunny dirty, need bath" a lot) but she means well...and FIL sometimes bugs me because of how he treats DH, but again, they mean well.

    Honestly I give my ILs huge cudos because all of us "child-in-laws" (there are four of us married into the family) come from pretty dysfunctional families and my ILs just sort of adopted us all and treat us like their own.
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