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Flying solo w/ 2 y.o.

Have a chance to visit FL in January but would need to meet DH down there. Have not flown with DS alone.

Tips for success?

Re: Flying solo w/ 2 y.o.

  • I haven't flown alone with Emma, but we did get separated on the plane, and just my thoughts on air travel with a toddler in general.  

    Since you are alone, I'd definitely use the stroller and gate check it.  That way you can keep him more contained in the airport.

    I'm a big proponent of whatever works on the plane.  Emma watched the ipad almost the entire flight.  Wonderful!  We downloaded a few episodes of her favorite shows from itunes and made sure she had some apps that didn't need wifi.

    Besides that, lots of snacks and a lollipop for takeoff and landing.  Emma was so excited, we talked up the flight and she liked looking out the window.  We watched the bubble guppies episode about riding on a plane before we went, so she kinda understood what to expect.  It may have been her favorite part of our disney trip.  
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  • I flew alone with Max to Canada in June-he was 2.5.
    Here are my tips:
    Ditto Landdo on the stroller.
    Only carry-on what you need for him/you for the flight, check everything else. You want to have hands as free as possible.
    Prep for down time in the airport. Ipad worked for us. Do not let him play with a ball. I'm a genius and learned that the hard way.
    On the plane-again, ditto Landdo-anything goes. Ipad, snacks, whatever. We did LOTS of stickers, and the color wonder sheets from Crayola. Also, the little people books with flaps seemed to keep him busy.
    Also-probably seems obvious, but wear as little as possible that will need to come off at security. It's too hard to dress, undress and wrangle a toddler.
    I used the ergo up until we boarded, which he liked because it was cuddly, and I liked because my hands were free.
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