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Thanksgiving Recap

How did everyone's day go? Any highs or lows?


Re: Thanksgiving Recap

  • Our day was very nice. M was pretty shy when we got to my aunts house and had her "serious" face on for most of the afternoon. She fell asleep in the car going up there, but made it the whole day on a 10 minute cat nap. Definitely a "high". ;)

    Our low would of been that we left my family around 6:15 thinking DH's family would be finishing up as they were supposed to eat at 5. Nope, we get there at 6:40 and they are putting the food on the table to eat. We were too full to eat again so we watched tv in the family room. Was nice to relax, but made us getting home alot later then we thought we would.


  • Highs: Seeing everyone and the food . The boys had a freaking blast. My SIL had dinner on time this year, so we didn't feel too rushed at both places.

    Lows: M only slept 15 min in between places. He was fine all day, but as soon as we got in the car he freaked out because he didn't want to go home. So we had to listen to an overtired, sugar high, toddler screaming for 20 minutes until we got home and put Ruldolph on again. He's still asleep right now, tired little thing.
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  • Ours was great. Kids came over early in the morning, and the rest of Jeff's family came here at 1. I always have a lot of fun with them. Then I was informed I was going to Walmart as my initiation into the family. Got the kids the nabi tablets.

    Lows - I'm about to tell my sister off. How do you not go see your parents on Thanksgiving?! Bunch of bullshit and I'm tired of her hurting their feelings.
    Eliza Mae - September 16th, 2014

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  • Oh another high! Jeff's work called and he told them he was in nc (guess they didn't believe him Wednesday). They said he wasn't fired but "in trouble". So he can work some more while he wants to hear back from the other companies.
    Eliza Mae - September 16th, 2014

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  • Honestly the day was good but the food was terrible! My SIL's mom cooked and the gravy had these weird lumps in it, the turkey was unbelievably dry, and the stuffing looked like that dry stuffing mix you buy at the store in a bag with nothing else mixed into yeah.

    But spending the day with the family was wonderful!
  • Highs: visiting with family and my SIL's wedding's delicious! Her family eats it every holiday and it has become my favorite part of Thanksgiving.

    Lows: Apparently L got the no sleep memo and was pretty much awake from 1245pm-930pm. He took 2-3 15 minute naps in there. Poor thing was so tired he had bags under his eyes. He was also overly hungry (thank goodness I paked extra BM since I was enjoying wine) and my mom kept telling me I was overfeeding him which annoyed the heck out of me...
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  • We had a great day! My mom made the food here and we ate with my parents. My siblings and their families came over later for dessert. I have no complaints. It was one of the best Thanksgivings we've had in awhile.
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  • amccul20 said:
    Honestly the day was good but the food was terrible! 
    That is so disappointing!
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  • Our day was good!  The food was yummy and we came home with lots of leftovers (minus my sweet potato casserole because it was inhaled, which I guess is a good thing but I REALLY like eating it leftover so I'm bummed not to have any).  H's parents took us to the movies on Thanksgiving night and then essentially kidnapped us the next morning.  We went out to breakfast and they decided they wanted to stop at the mall "on the way home."  Yeah, the mall is nowhere near their house...neither are the other places we ended up going (Sam's Club, Bed Bath Beyond, etc.).  And then FIL got the brilliant idea to take us to get ice cream...for lunch.  He had been raving about this dairy and decided that we HAD to go.  It just so happened to be noon when this happened.  So 5 hours later, we finally got back to their house to pack up our stuff.  Then we went off to meet H's buddies, who convinced us to stay another night and we slept on the most uncomfortable air mattress in the history of air mattresses.  But H's friend asked him to be one of his co-best men, so that was exciting.
  • We had a really nice Thanksgiving. It was just us, my sister and her boyfriend, my grandparents, and my dad. It was low-key and relaxing.



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