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Happy Friday!!!

What's on everyone's agenda for the weekend?
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Re: Happy Friday!!!

  • not a whole lot.  probably putting up the tree :)
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  • We are putting up our Christmas decorations and doing some shopping. Also some errand running and a lot of snuggles with the pup.  We finally got to the bottom of the ear infection issue in the dog and I feel bad that she is on so many meds and they are making her feel yucky.

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  • @willyh19 - AWE I hope the pup is feeling better!

    Tonight - might hit up target for a present I need Sunday.  And I just want to go to Target.  Then be lazy.

    Saturday - Getting my hair did!  Then visiting parents.  I'd like to decorate for Christmas, but H suggested we go to the movies.

    Sunday - Groceries, cleaning, 1St bday party for my friend's baby.  Gotta get his dinosaur hot done!

    Eliza Mae - September 16th, 2014

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  • @mana8503 you should go see Catching Fire!

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  • @WillyH19 - I hope your pup starts feeling better.  Enjoy the cuddles!

    @mana8503 - I second going to see Catching Fire!  I want to go see it so bad!

    We are leaving work early today to go visit H's mom and dad.  His sister will be at their parents house tomorrow and we are having an early Thanksgiving since we'll be spending it with my family.  I hate that I always feel this way, but I really don't like going to their house.  Not because of them, but the house is just not kept up well.  I never feel clean, even when I've just taken a shower.  It will be nice seeing H's family though.

    I really can't wait for next week!  We have a two day work week and then heading to the beach (Galveston) for Thanksgiving.  My family rented out two beach houses and we all like to party, so it should be a great time!
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  • DH is taking the afternoon off. He has a lot of vacation days and has been taking some afternoons off here and there to spend time with me and DS. The only thing planned for this weekend is my cousin's son's first birthday party tomorrow afternoon. We also have some major packing to do for our move in a couple weeks.



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  • Tonight: DH and I are going to see Catching Fire!!!!!!  So pumped, I'm hearing that people that read the book are loving the movie.  Today also marks 2 years since we bought our house.  I jokingly call it our house-iversary.

    Saturday: We are haveing turkey dinner with my sister and parents.  We are going to his family's Thanksgiving so we thought it'd be nice to do something with my family.

    Sunday: Feet up nose in a book. 

  • Tonight we're going to have our growlers filled at a brewery downtown, then get dinner somewhere.  That's all I've got so far! lol.  I'd like to do something outdoors like hang out in the park or something.  Sunday shopping and meal planning/random housewifery.  
  • @willyh19 and @ ystaalenburg - I would, BUT my CWs (work husbands) and I are nerds and already have a date planned for Dec 6th.  We have our office party at lunch, then we're going to one of their houses to watch HG, so SOs have time to get off work... THEN we're going to the movies, then dinner.  We all saw HG together so we're going with that tradition... but we will probably go see Divergent together too.  H really isn't into movies, but if we go this weekend I wanna see Ender's Game, even though I heard it doesn't follow the book well.
    Eliza Mae - September 16th, 2014

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  • H is working until midnight tonight.

    Tomorrow, we're running a bunch of errands

    Sun, we leave for Maryland to find a townhouse rental

    Happy weekend, everyone!

  • @WillyH19 I hope your dog feels better soon!  I'm sure she'll love the cuddles :)

    Tonight we're going to a comedy show.  I have a friend who is an up and coming comedian.  Tonight is his first headlining show and it's sold out.  I am so proud of his hard work!

    Tomorrow we're running errands and straightening up.  H's parents are visiting on Sunday.

  • Tonight I'm going to do something with my former roommate. Hopefully my BFF will be coming into town tonight! If not tonight, I think she's still going to come visit tomorrow. *crosses fingers* We were supposed to go see Catching Fire with some friends, but H has to work late and get back up and work early, so he doesn't feel up to it. I think we're going to go Sunday, though!

    Sunday we are going to the Chattanooga Market, then the HoHo Expo....hopefully Catching Fire!!
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  • Picking up DH soon from work. I did plan to surprise him by picking up a game he wanted so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he enjoys it. Making dinner and hopefully getting some house straightening done before our big thanksgiving trip next week.

    Saturday--going to town for a bit to get some more work done on my niece's Christmas gift.

    Sunday--Work till noon. Then hopefully getting some grocery shopping done.

    Holding off on seeing Catching Fire for now. DH came up with an idea. We saw the original Hunger Games at a local theater that has a "cheap date night" (not sure the cost, but you get two admissions, two entrees [mostly sandwiches, but SO good], and bottomless popcorn and soda). He said we could wait till it comes there and go then. :)
  • We are going upstate to the Saratogo area tomorrow for this really cute North Pole / Polar Express thing. My inlaws got us all ticket to go - 3 kids and 9 adults! They read a christmas story, the kids wear pj's, you get hot chocolate and cookies, and everyone gets a bell to ring at the end. I absolutely love christmas and can not wait to go!!
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