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When you are sick with the flu and everyone thinks "She's not sick! She is pregnant!"

I just got married a few months ago and I had the flu awhile back and everyone thought I was pregnant...anyone else get this every time they are sick? Doesn't it suck?

Re: When you are sick with the flu and everyone thinks "She's not sick! She is pregnant!"

  • Ugh.  I got the flu 5 years into dealing with infertility and people (who knew about the IF) were like, "ooooooooh, it finally happened!"  and I was like, "Afraid not, just had my period."  And they responded, "Well, (nudge nudge) you never know!"


    Yes you do know.  After five years, you know.

    What I mean to say is that yes, it sucks!

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  • Every time. My mom just keeps hopefully asking any time I so much as yawn.
  • I get this anytime I look at/comment on anything baby related, my Mom asks if there's anything I want to tell her. 

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  • I had the flu last week.  One of my best friends is prego so I joked with her that I was having sympathetic morning sickness. lol
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