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Moving to North Pole, Alaska!

Hi Nesties! We got married a little over a month ago and now I am relocating from SLC, UT to North Pole, Alaska! My husband is already there and I am joining him on the 15th of November! Anyone have any advice about moving to Interior Alaska in the winter??? With a shih tzu?? Thanks!

Re: Moving to North Pole, Alaska!

  • Hi soon to be fellow Alaskan! What a small world, I grew up and North Pole. I bought a house in Fairbanks just recently. :) So hello neighbor!

    As far as moiving to interior AK, there are definitely some things to keep in mind. You are coming in winter time, be prepared for snow and LOTS of cold. January and February are the coldest months of the year, most of the time hovering around -30 degrees. We frequently hit -50 to -60 in the winter time. Bundle yourself and your lil dog up. Make sure your car is winterized and keep it plugged in if you want to go anywhere. Drive very cautiously as there is ice on the road all winter. Invest in some good winter tires if you can.

    Keep a winter kit in your car that includes a full snow suit, blankets, hats, gloves, heavy duty boots, etc. You should realistically be prepared to walk a mile just in case you break down. And be careful, if you should happen to break down at -30 you really could be endangering your life if you do not prepare.

    Watch out for your shih tzu. Plenty of people have them up here and they adapt just fine but he/she probaly won't want to go outside in the cold. Keep it bundled up.

    Also, be prepared for lots of darkness. The darkest/shortest day of the year is December 22nd where we only see about 3-4 hours of daylight. Make sure you stay active, find a gym, find friends, keep yourself out and about.

    There is plenty more to tell you about, but if you google it you can find some info I haven't mentioned here either. But on a positive side, you are moving the the Christmas Capital!! North Pole really is special. We have a Santa Clause house with reindeer, ice sculptures, candy cane light posts. If you love Christmas, you really will like it there. And the Christmas feeling doesn't go away in the summer time.

    One really cool thing about the Santa Clause house is you can go there and send letters from Santa to your relatives and it is postmarked from North Pole. We did that for some of my youger cousins growing up and they absolutely loved it! Keep an open mind, summer is the reason we all stay here...not winter. You will be pleasently surprised when the summertime hits! I promise. Let me know if you have anymore questions!! :)

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