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Are bigger breasts worth the weight gain?

I'm currently struggling with gaining weight and the benefit of my breasts growing. When I'm really "on" my routine of eating clean and exercising I end up looking too skinny and lose most of my breasts. Then I try to back off and put some weight back on, which helps in the breast department but I end up feeling bad about my stomach! I know finding a healthy medium is the answer but I'm struggling to pinpoint how to get there. I either dislike my breasts and love seeing the start of abs or love my breasts and feel disgusted by my stomach. Does anyone else go through this or have any advice?

Re: Are bigger breasts worth the weight gain?

  • Well I, personally would rather have small boobs and be in shape.  Just try to keep your habits healthy.  If you keep up on a life style change then your body will take on the way it naturally should.  Boobs unfortunately may just be a small thing to live with, which is certainly not a problem. 

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    I'm a DD and wish mine were smaller. It's easier to fit into clothing when you have a smaller chest, and many people think it looks more elegant. 
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    Well, it's up to you/what you prefer I guess.  I have DDD/E cup breasts and I am not skinny (I don't consider myself to be "fat" either, but let's just say there is no way I am going to have abs).  For most of grade school I was thin/fit and had A cups.  It was so much easier to find clothes, but I love my boobs now.
  • chocolate37chocolate37 member
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    I would say whatever makes you feel sexiest. I lost 20 pounds after college and went from a full 36DDD to a 32D/DD, which I know is still pretty busty, but they are definitely not as perky. However, I feel sexier now with the rest of me being smaller and more toned than I did when I was just chubby with big, perky boobs. 
  • Tell all the bad food that you're eating to go straight to your boobs.
    If that doesn't work, there's always shape wear for the stomach area.
  • I gained weight pre-wedding and while I have always been well endowed I'm not sure how I feel about the bigger breasts ! I have to changed all my bras over, fun fact Victoria's secret will even exchange if you go in with your older bras! didn't know this until I went in to ask them to resize me. Since my breast have gotten bigger we have heard a lot of pregnancy rumors with our names in them. Sometimes they get in the way, but as long as you feel sexy and healthy go for it!  
  • Its all a matter of personal preference. Im a D cup and would love to go back to a small C, just because of finding clothes easier.

    Just focus on leading a healthy lifestyle with balance, I know its hard, but so worth it.

  • I have C breasts and sometimes think those are too big! I don't think boob size is important as many women think. Men just like boobs period. Doesn't matter how big they are. 
  • If your doctor says you're a healthy weight, don't worry about your boobs.  Breast size fluctuates for me when I gain/lose weight.  (In actuality, my breasts stay the same size, but when I lose some of the extra around my rib cage, my bra size goes up).  If you want your boobs to look bigger, Victoria's Secret would LOVE to sell you a push-up bra.  I'm a C/D, and they love to try to sell me push-up/super-padded bras.  Because reasons...
  • I'm a G and the weight gain isn't worth it. It gets harder to find tops that will fit well, let alone a good sports bra once you get to certain size. And if the rest of you is getting larger just to get bigger breasts, it's not healthy either. I'm not saying stay fit & get boob implants though. Because if your boobs are too big for your body, that opens up a whole different can of worms on health issues.  For now just invest in a good push up bra & love yourself the way you are.  
  • You need to just find a place where you're happy.  I was 165 in college and a 34D now I'm 133 and I didn't seem to loose any of that weight from my breasts, now I struggle to find a bra that fits...I have one 30DDD that I paid a pretty penny for that is the only bra I really like, 32DDs are generally too loose and chafe because they don't stay in place. when I gain weight so the band fits better the DD cups aren't big enough.  I'd love to loose some weight from my breasts so I might have an easier time finding a bra that fits (without having to pay $100+ for it).  But we have what we have. from a health stand point don't mess with your weight too much, especially just for the sake of your breasts. 
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  • Throw out the scale. Stop focussing on whatever "skinny" means. Start lifting heavy and doing HIIT programs.

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  •  The back pain from the girls and the extra weight you'll be carrying is totally not worth it. Have you tried a push up bra? There are lots of tips online that can show you how to make your girls look bigger.

  • Its basically a funny scenario with you. You can either have bigger boobs or slimmer belly. It seems that you have to sacrifice one thing for sure. However the best way to gain both the things is that you should eat as much you can but only healthy food cutting the junk food and along with that you should hit the gym and do more cardio exercise and Abs exercise. It will sure give you bigger boobs along with slim belly. You can give it a shot I guess.
  • I would not go the weight gain route to gain bigger breasts. I just don't see a benefit from it. Find another option/a good push-up bra. From what it seems, you are not happy with your body image regardless. Work on loving you and you'll find the best option.
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